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July 12, 2014

Amelia Lewis


Q.テつ 71 today and very much within striking distance of the leaders, what are your feelings about being very close to the top in this championship this year?
AMELIA LEWIS:テつ It's very exciting.テつ This is only my second time over here playing in the British Open.テつ I like the course‑‑ I love the course.テつ I'm giving it the respect it deserves and I'm happy where I'm at right now.

Q.テつ Not sure whether you're going to have nightmares about the 18th, because it's caused you grief the last couple of days.
AMELIA LEWIS:テつ It's such an easy hole, too.テつ I think that's my problem.テつ It's probably the easiest hole on the course and I just don't take my time on it.テつ But tomorrow I hope to get it back.

Q.テつ Now obviously before you came across to Great Britain, you had had a run of not great golf, a couple of missed cuts, five in a row and suddenly great result at the Buckinghamshire Club last weekend.テつ What's provided the spark?
AMELIA LEWIS:テつ Well, everyone loves it over here, but yeah, I had a lovely time last week.テつ I love the course and I knew I would play well and get some confidence off that coming into this.テつ My mom actually suggested to play last week.テつ I wasn't going to; it was a last‑minute decision and it seemed to work out.

Q.テつ And what are your expectations for tomorrow?テつ How new a situation is this for you in the final day of a major?
AMELIA LEWIS:テつ I haven't played in very many majors before.テつ Just going to play the course.テつ I love it, and have fun with my caddie out there and see what happens.

Q.テつ So you've got an English caddie; is that helping you out?

Q.テつ In what ways is he helping you?
AMELIA LEWIS:テつ He knows how to play over here and he's played this course a thousand times.

Q.テつ Is he a local guy?
AMELIA LEWIS:テつ He's from London.テつ He helped me last week and this week.テつ He's a friend.

Q.テつ What sort of ways is he helping you navigate links golf?
AMELIA LEWIS:テつ If it was up to me I'd be hitting driver off every tee.テつ So I think I hit 4‑iron three times off the tee today.テつ So that seemed to work out.

Q.テつ And is he helping you in any other way getting used to being in the U.K., is he taking you to have fish and chips and all that sort of stuff?
AMELIA LEWIS:テつ No, I'm hanging out with a lot of the other girls out here.テつ Mostly just on the course he's helping out.

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