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July 11, 2014

Todd Hamilton


TODD HAMILTON:  Well, obviously you didn't play as well as yesterday.  Very happy with the score.  It was kind of tricky with the winds kicking up out there today.  Some pin positions that didn't really suit my eye, so I kind of played safe.  But even though it was only, and I say only, 69, I'm happy with it.

Q.  It has to feel good making the cut today.
TODD HAMILTON:¬† Yes, if you would have told me before I started on Thursday that we'll give you 9‑under and you don't have to play, I would have gladly taken it.¬† You know, the first day, I think, showed to myself‑‑ I knew I still could play golf, but I hadn't been doing it, so I kind of wonder will it ever happen again, and I think the first round was kind of a wake‑up call that, hey, you still can play golf the way it's supposed to be played.

Q.  Does it feel good to come back and do it here close to home?
TODD HAMILTON:  It is good, yeah.  I enjoy this golf course.  I think it's one of the better TPCs that we have.  It's fun to play.  It's not an overly difficult golf course, but if you don't get off to decent starts and you start pressing, it becomes a difficult course.
I enjoy it.  It's in great shape and always fun to play in front of friends and family.

Q.  Did you go out and play Duck Creek again last night?
TODD HAMILTON:  No, we actually went and played in Sherrard at Fyre Lake.  My youngest and I played it on Tuesday, I believe, and then my oldest came in.  He thinks he's kind of decent, so we went and played over there.  He didn't really play very well.

Q.  It must be more of a step up from Duck Creek, of course.
TODD HAMILTON:¬† Yeah, the greens are very tough over there, and I kind of wanted to take him to a course that was a little more difficult just to see what kind of golf he would‑‑ he knows how to golf, but he doesn't know how to play golf, kind of plot his way around.¬† He just hits driver every hole and goes and finds it and hits before the other guy hits. ¬†It seems like he wants to get it over with quick.¬† He doesn't play a lot.¬† He's a big hockey player, so he doesn't play a lot of golf, but he's starting to get more interested in it.

Q.  How is the new putter working?
TODD HAMILTON:  Today it wasn't that great.  I made some decent par saves, but I really didn't have a ton of good looks at birdie, and if I did have a decent putt, 15, 20 feet, I seemed to not be very good with the speed.  I left a lot of putts short.  Good line, but a lot of putts short, a foot, foot and a half.
When I walked on them, they felt like they were firmer than yesterday, so I assumed that they might have a little more pace to them, but it didn't correlate to having more pace.
I look forward to it.  Hopefully the weather will come in at night and won't mess up the plans for the day of golf.

Q.  You had a good day with the putter and today maybe not as much.  What's that mean going into the weekend?  Good day and a bad day and now you're playing for the weekend.
TODD HAMILTON:  Well, usually when I've had good days with the putter, I shoot about 70, and when I have bad days I shoot about 75 or 76.  Usually I would have been missing the cuts.  But this week my bad shots haven't been too bad.  I've only hit really two bad drives, what I would consider bad drives, and 1 I lucked out and made par, and I didn't make par on it today.  Overall I'm happy.  My bad shots, the offness of my bad shots are more tighter, more closer together than they have been recently.

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