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July 11, 2014

Bernhard Langer


MIKE TROSTEL: All right. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back, 2014 U.S. Senior Open here at Oak Tree National. It's our pleasure to have Bernhard Langer here into the Media Center. Bernhard, a 2-under 69 today, second in a row for a total of 4-under, 138 through two rounds and currently tied for 3rd. Bernhard, little bit of a different day from yesterday, including the back-9 where little bit up and down. Can you just talk to us about some of the birdies and bogies you made out there today?

BERNHARD LANGER: Yeah. Had a really nice front-9, played pretty steady and short game was really good, then backside, I just missed a lot of fairways. I missed 10, 11, bunch of fairways throughout the back-9 and just made some bogies and thank goodness I made some birdies in between as well. I'm not happy with my finish, you know, bogey, bogey, birdie, bogey, but it's a tough golf course out there. It's very hot and you get tired and worn out and the swing wasn't quite there today. So I got to do a little better tomorrow.

MIKE TROSTEL: Go through your scorecard starting with some of the birdies. You had three birdies on par-3s, first on the 4th hole.

BERNHARD LANGER: Yeah. Hit a really good wedge shot to about 8 feet, 7 feet on No. 4 and then No. 8, I hit an 8-iron to about, again, 8 feet.

MIKE TROSTEL: Really nice par on the 9th hole.

BERNHARD LANGER: Made an amazing par save after hitting the tree on the right and had to chip sideways, full 7-iron to about 25 feet and made a par saving putt. Then 10, I missed the fairway right, came up short in the bunker. Hit a really bad bunker shot about 50 feet by and two-putted. Then 12 was a good drive, 6-iron lay up, nice pitching wedge, about ten foot putt for birdie. 14, was a good drive, 3-wood in the face of the bunker in the grass. Played a pretty good shot there to about ten feet, 8 feet, made the putt. Next hole, I hit the tee ball left in the rough, pitching wedge over the green. Chipped it short, two putts. And then 16 missed the fairway right. Hit a decent second shot but caught up right in the fringe. Had to stand like this much below the ball (indicating) so I was like that (indicating). Chipped it through the green and chipped it back and 1-putted for bogey. 17, was an 8-iron to about 15 feet and 18 was driver, 5-iron through the green. I had no shot. Had to play it a little sideways and played it, really good pitch to about 14, 15 feet and left the putt short.

MIKE TROSTEL: Seems like in some of these Major championships there's always going to be one round where you're maybe not at your best, whether that's ball striking, putting, whatever it is and today it didn't seem like you played that great from tee to green. All things considered, fairly happy with the 69?

BERNHARD LANGER: Yeah. I think -- in the end I have to be. After being 3-under and then what was I, 4-under after whatever -- 3-under after 14, I would have liked to have finished a little better but couldn't do in the end so have to be happy with my 69.

MIKE TROSTEL: Very good. Let's open it up to questions.

Q. After two days, looks like 6-under is leading. Do you think it's going to just keep getting firmer, faster and more difficult Saturday and Sunday? What would be your guess what the winning score might be at this point?
BERNHARD LANGER: I really don't know. Depends how everybody plays and how strong the wind blows. It will certainly get firmer because there's no rain in the forecast unless that changed. So, it all depends really on the wind, you know, how much wind we have. Wind always makes it tough but the course is difficult by itself and anything under par is a good score.

Q. Bernhard, Scott Dunlap talked today, he didn't have his PGA TOUR card in his 40s. This is like new life for him. He's had one bogey in two days. How hard is that to do on this course, to go 36 holes with only one bogey?
BERNHARD LANGER: Take my hat off to that (indicating). That's good playing. It's all I can say. It's very difficult not to make bogies here. You can bogey every single hole. There's no easy hole out here and that's very good ball striking or incredible scrambling, whatever he does.

Q. Is an important aspect of this golf course to do what you can to minimize your misses as opposed to, you know, when hitting a shot you're not necessarily trying to make birdie but you're trying to make sure you give yourself your best shot at par? There's a lot of places where a miss can really turn more difficult. Can you talk a little bit about that aspect of Oak Tree National?
BERNHARD LANGER: Yeah. You said it all. It's exactly the way it is. As soon as you miss the fairway, you're looking at scrambling because unless you have a good lie -- and you're not going to get a lot of good lies in this grass because the ball always sits down in the bermuda rough, and from that point on, it's, you know, where do I miss it if I miss it, is it best to the right, to the left or in the bunker or wherever, and then you need a great short game to hopefully make par or sometimes you just, you know, get stuck behind a tree or something, you got to chip it sideways so you minimize your mistakes by hopefully making bogey and not double or triple bogey. You can you can find that out there quite a bit.

Q. Bernhard, talk about your relationship with Monty. You guys have had Ryder Cups, everything. Just talk a little bit about you guys known each other for years, little bit about that relationship.
BERNHARD LANGER: We've known each other for over 20 years. Played the Ryder Cup together as partners at least four, five times. You know, we've been friends for years playing the same Tours, same tournaments and played against each other and played together. So, we've had everything, you know. We're Ryder Cup partners, we played for the Volvo Masters in the playoff and shared it because it was dark and so we go back many years of competitive golf and friendship.

MIKE TROSTEL: Very good. Bernhard Langer, 138 through two rounds tied for 3rd. Best of luck the rest of the championship.

BERNHARD LANGER: Thank you. I appreciate it
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