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July 11, 2014

Vijay Singh


Q. Important championship, your second Champions Tour event. For you, what has been the feeling when you're out here playing well at this major championship?
VIJAY SINGH: I don't know. I just want to come to see what it's like. The U.S. Open always has a good golf course and good setup. This is a great golf course. It's one of the best, I think. It's challenging. It would be pretty tough on the regular tour, as well. I just want to come out here and see how it's like and hopefully take home the trophy on Sunday.

Q. There are a number of people that think that should you commit to play the Champions Tour a lot that you would be one of the top players out here. For you, do you come out with that mindset or do you just come out just trying to understand how your game kind of fits in with this tour?
VIJAY SINGH: I don't know how it's going to fit in. I am just going out there and playing and executing the shot that I want to do. You know, it's no different than playing the regular tour. It's a lot shorter here, obviously, a lot more chances to make birdies. I have played in Hawaii last year and had a good feel of what's going on. I watch enough senior tour on the Golf Channel, and I have talked to a lot of players that's been playing.

Q. Has this changed your thought about how you will proceed going forward?
VIJAY SINGH: You mean tomorrow or day after?

Q. On the Champions Tour.
VIJAY SINGH: On the Champions Tour. I don't know. I may commit to a couple more, but I'm still pretty committed to the regular tour.
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