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July 11, 2014

Willie Wood


Q. Okay. Talk about the conditions this morning. Was it a little bit easier maybe than you found it last night?
WILLIE WOOD: More normal wind, south wind. Yeah, the first five, six holes it was a little easier but then the wind came up and I think the scores will be similar to yesterday, although there wasn't a 65 shot this morning so I don't see one shot this afternoon.

Q. 5 or 6?
WILLIE WOOD: 5 might be the cut. Who knows. Maybe 6.

Q. (Inaudible)?
WILLIE WOOD: Damn right.

Q. Just talk about the it.
WILLIE WOOD: My weekend may be on the line, yeah. But, I was worried that the ball was going to be plugged to be honest with you, I floated a 7-iron and the bunker is a little soft. I was worried it may be plugged but it wasn't. I had a nice uphill lie and -- but not the easiest of shots because the pin is kind of on a slant but I hit a good one. I've done well out of bunkers this week.

Q. (Inaudible)?
WILLIE WOOD: I hit it better today than yesterday. Hayden gave me a lesson last night.

Q. What did he tell you?
WILLIE WOOD: Can't tell you.

Q. In retrospect, you and Gil played together, good thing or bad, and Bob?
WILLIE WOOD: Good thing. Bob and I may be playing together tomorrow. We're tied. He played really well today until the end and we ended up tied again. We may play together again.

Q. How pleased are you with the way you're playing? Is this something you expected, to play better?
WILLIE WOOD: More pleased than yesterday. Yesterday was really a struggle. Today was much better. I was in a lot -- I hit a lot more greens today. I didn't make a birdie but I only made two bogies and it was -- it was a little bit easier today for me because I was two-putting instead of scrambling.

Q. Is that an advantage or a disadvantage, though, to be paired with two guys that you play a lot of golf with out here?
WILLIE WOOD: Much rather play with someone I've played a lot and enjoy than someone I may have just met or someone I don't like. But I like everybody, pretty much.

Q. Scott is hurting right now, not physically. He just -- he had hoped to do much, much better. Your thoughts on him.
WILLIE WOOD: Scott is a tough, tough guy and he will -- he'll bounce back. I don't know what he shot today. He'll be okay. He's been through a lot of physical difficulties but he's always come through and I know he'll be playing the Champions Tour a long, long time.

Q. Do you think there's a little too much put on him this week making sure that he was up to this and kind of everybody hoping he would come right out and --
WILLIE WOOD: There's always a lot of excitement when you come to a championship like that but -- it deserves excitement. It was his first Major event. He's from here. But it's just a shame he wasn't playing well coming in. It's not like just because it's his home course he's going to, you know, light it up, you know magically. The same with me. I haven't really played great this year. I was hoping to play good but, you know, magic just didn't happen.

Q. What do you think is out there this afternoon?
WILLIE WOOD: You know, couple under par will be a really good, solid score. Some of the pins are a little harder. One tee box is a little up and a couple are back. No. 10 -- No. 1 is up. But for the most part, they're pretty hard.

Q. How impressive is one bogey in two rounds (inaudible)?
WILLIE WOOD: He hits the ball real far. He's young. He's in his '50s. He's a good player.
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