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July 11, 2014

Mark Brooks


Q. Talk about your round.
MARK BROOKS: Yeah, I didn't play very well today, but, you know, a little bit like yesterday. I got around really good, quite a few good up and downs, probably, you know, three or four times good saves. You know, got lucky out of the rough a couple times, made birdies. Five birdies, five bogeys, I couldn't have shot much better today.

Q. Being able to grind through is kind of a hallmark of the way you play at a U.S. Open. You have to stay somewhere near par.
MARK BROOKS: Yeah, most people play that way in a U.S. Open or they go home. Honestly. I mean, everybody is going to have trouble here. Yeah, I mean, not every hole obviously but you're going to get spots that are bad and you just can't help it. Tough up-and-downs. Sometimes you have to take your medicine to make bogeys and move on.

Q. What's the biggest key on this golf course?
MARK BROOKS: Not trying to play perfect. Fairway is key, paramount. I mean, there are some places where you can actually, you know, finish the hole from the rough, but, you know, you have got to play smart shots, you know, and catch good bounces and kind of get lucky when you're guessing how far they're going.

Q. The way things went today, you have most of the day left. Do you go try to fix some things?
MARK BROOKS: I need to get driving the ball better. My off-the-tee game has been really good most of this year. This has kind of been the worst couple of days I have had. Probably got to steering it a little bit, but we'll see.

Q. Something else is working though because you're still 3-under.
MARK BROOKS: I'm just playing golf. You have to play golf here.
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