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July 10, 2014

Willie Wood


Q. What did you think, Willie?
WILLIE WOOD: I played poorly from tee to green today. Made some nice saves. I played the back nine 1-under par. It was hard, my second nine, the back nine. I get a little flipped because we flipped the nines. But I scrambled well. Hopefully in 12 hours from now I'll figure something out and try to hit it down the middle of the fairway. Playing from the rough out here is virtually impossible to score any good.

Q. Players talked about the weather, how it changed during the day from no wind to blustery. Did you experience that?
WILLIE WOOD: Oh, absolutely. And an east wind is somewhat odd, especially this time of year. Usually it's out of the south when it blows south, southwest. But the golf course can play difficult, you know, in any wind conditions, and it was probably blowing 20 miles an hour today. It was challenging. The score that Colin shot and Marco Dawson shot was terrific.

Q. With the different wind and everything, how good were those scores?
WILLIE WOOD: You know, I didn't know what to expect. I didn't look at the board until about my seventh hole and saw that Colin shot 65. He had been raving about the golf course. He likes it a lot. Vijay Singh today actually told me it's the best course he's played all year long, is what his comment was. He's played a lot mainly on the PGA TOUR all year long. He loves the golf course, too. It's really showcasing well.

Q. How does that make you feel as a resident here and as a member and so forth?
WILLIE WOOD: You know, you want to show your home well. It's been a great effort by the Bruno's people, the Oak Tree folks, the USGA to make it all come together. You know, there were some times when we were a little bit worried about possibly the greens being weak, but they have come through great, and, you know, I couldn't be happier.
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