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July 10, 2014

Mark Brooks


MARK BROOKS: A big bonus and you know, I made a couple bogies, you know, one really bad shot and another just kind of didn't get up and down on what, 18, tournament 18? And then the front-9 I struggled. I didn't hit it very good off the tee. I didn't hit that many good shots but hung in there, got lucky and birdied the last hole to shoot even on that side. That was pretty much it. Lot of scramble which everybody is going to have to do on this golf course.

Q. Oklahoma hasn't been bad for you. You contended in the U.S. Open here.
MARK BROOKS: I've been playing here since high school. I'm comfortable here. My mother and father both are Oklahomans. So I got a lot of Oklahoma blood in me.

Q. That works.
MARK BROOKS: All the universities here.

Q. Get 4 birdies in a row?
MARK BROOKS: Hit good shots. Make the putts. I played with Vijay. He would have made a few more putts he would have shot probably 4. He played good to shoot 4, 5-under. Obviously I would assume the scores were a little higher in the afternoon. It was a little hotter and kind of an odd east wind here, kind of south, southeast. I played here a lot and I hadn't played this wind very often. It was a little tricky.

Q. Verplank said that, too, that the wind was so different. The home course advantage really wasn't anything.
MARK BROOKS: I played almost 30 Colonials which was my home course and I rarely felt like I had any home course advantage. I knew where all the bad places to go were and I know these guys that played here thousands of rounds but, you know, it's not necessarily -- it's almost nice to not know how bad it can be in some places here
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