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July 10, 2014

Steve Stricker


Q.テつ What was the difference in the day?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ Yeah, I didn't hit it all that great today.テつ Kind of scuffed it around at times, and I managed a good 3‑under out of it, I guess.テつ Yeah, at the turn 3‑under was doing pretty good and then just made a couple mistakes that I shouldn't have, so that led to my score.テつ But hung in there nice, and hopefully get off‑‑ we should hopefully get some good weather tomorrow morning, and get off to a good start and make some birdies tomorrow morning.

Q.テつ Going through that, it sounds like you're a little disappointed, but you still got 3‑under.
STEVE STRICKER:テつ Yeah, I didn't play that good.

Q.テつ There is a score out there to shoot.
STEVE STRICKER:テつ Yeah, for sure.テつ I think I made six birdies.テつ If I just don't make the three bogeys, I have a nice start to the tournament.テつ I didn't really hit it all that well.テつ So tomorrow is another day, and we'll go back and see if I can hit some shots in there because I'm putting it nicely.テつ I'm making a lot of nice putts, so hopefully get some more opportunities tomorrow.

Q.テつ Is it easy for you to relax and know that having as much success as you've had up here that there is a low number out there for you?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ Yeah, and that's the hard part.テつ When you come out here and you see all the low scores, a lot of 8‑unders and 7s and 6s and 5s, it's hard not to try to press.テつ You find yourself doing that at times.テつ Then when you make a bogey, it's like, oh, my gosh.テつ Here we go.テつ We're getting even further behind.テつ So that is the tough part.テつ So you have to be patient.テつ I got the first round under my belt, and hopefully I'll get a good one tomorrow.

Q.テつ Zach was in already when you went to the first tee?

Q.テつ So you saw the 8?

Q.テつ Does that change things going in seeing three guys at 8‑under, and 7‑under?テつ Do you feel like right off the bat I've got to make some shots?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ A little bit.テつ But Paul Goydos shot 59 in the morning before we came out that one year, and I can remember the first tournament I ever played in in Milwaukee, I think Robert Gamez shot 61 at Tuckaway before I even went out there.テつ I was like, oh, my gosh.
What is par at 7 Tuckaway, 71?

Q.テつ I think it's 72.
STEVE STRICKER:テつ I thought, I'm 11 shots back already or 10 or whatever the par was at the time.テつ It's something that plays mind games with you a little bit, and you have to block it out and be patient and try to play your own game.

Q.テつ Could you sum up your first round?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ Yeah, it was pretty lackluster, really.テつ I made some bad mistakes.テつ I hit it on the wrong side of the hole a couple times.テつ Didn't drive it that well.テつ I putted it nicely, just had a problem getting through the shots.テつ I just kept hanging them out there a little bit.テつ So we'll plug away again tomorrow and see if I can't get a good round in.

Q.テつ Is it a big difference when you go from playing one of those hundred‑year‑old courses last week to something that's 10 or 15 years old?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ No, not at all.テつ Every week we play something different.テつ You get used to changes and changing things up.テつ So, no, it's not an issue going from one week to another.

Q.テつ Knowing your success here, still a lot of confidence as you roll into Friday?
STEVE STRICKER:テつ Yeah, I'm five shots back.テつ We've got three rounds to go.テつ You're going to have to go low here, unless the weather changes and I see some rain coming maybe tomorrow afternoon and Saturday.テつ But if it continues like this, the course is really nice, it's in good shape, and it's there for a good score.テつ Some of the greens got a little firmer on us today, but it's in great shape, so that's why I think we're seeing good scores.

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