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July 6, 2014

George McNeill


Q.テつ So you came up just a little bit short, but talk about your week and also qualifying for the Open.
GEORGE McNEILL:テつ I mean great week altogether, obviously.テつ I mean I can't explain the round today.テつ Got off to a nice start and everything else.テつ And finished well.テつ So hole‑in‑ones and birdies and everything else.テつ So it was a nice day, a nice week.テつ It's been a nice few weeks.
Qualifying for the Open is awesome.テつ I mean I've only played in one.テつ I'm looking forward very much to playing in a few weeks, and hopefully I'll play better than I did the first time because I played awful the first time.テつ It just depends on the weather and everything else.
But I'm very much looking forward to it, and you know, having a good time over there.

Q.テつ And then what do you build off this performance this week?
GEORGE McNEILL:テつ I don't know.テつ I mean it's obviously maybe a little confidence.テつ I moved way up in the FedEx I saw.テつ Moved up in the money, moved up in everything.テつ Probably world ranking, I have no clue.テつ But again, that's kind of‑‑ the FedEx is really the thing‑‑ I mean Top 30 is my ultimate goal, and obviously a win would have probably jumped me way higher, but just playing well and having an opportunity to win is always cool.
But Top 30 is my ultimate goal.テつ That way I guarantee myself into all the majors, because I haven't played one in a while.テつ So I think this should guarantee me into the PGA as well with the points list and everything else for that.テつ So that would be nice playing a couple majors over the next month and hopefully play halfway decent and maybe play like this or play like I have been all year.テつ I've been playing pretty well for the most part all year.

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