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July 6, 2014

Tom Watson


Q.テつ You're 63 years of age.テつ You've made the cut here at the Greenbrier Classic now three consecutive years.テつ How do you measure success out here at this stage of your career?
TOM WATSON:テつ I have kind of the home‑course advantage here at the Greenbrier, being the pro emeritus here, with all the different things that they have here, the golf, the Falconry, the bowling, everything.テつ We went bowling and played croquet yesterday.テつ This is just a relaxing place for us to be.テつ And I've played actually pretty well.
Today in the middle of the round I didn't know who I was in the middle of the round, but I finished pretty well.テつ I was happy about that.テつ I putted very well this week.

Q.テつ We know you've already been over to Scotland for the media day, for the one year out.テつ You're going to go again next weekend.テつ Keegan Bradley and Patrick Reed said they're going to go with you on a bit of a reconnaissance mission.テつ What does it say about players who like to go over with the captain early to see the golf course, and what does it say about you willing to do the exact same thing in reverse?
TOM WATSON:テつ Well, they were invited.テつ They were invited.テつ I invited a bunch of the players to go.テつ Most of them couldn't make it because they're either playing in the John Deere Classic or the Scottish Open, but there are a few that are going to make it up there.テつ It's going to give me a chance to see the golf course a couple of days and just what goes on around the golf course so that I can get from point A to point B without any hassles.
You know, I'm doing a wrecky, as my wife Hilary calls it, a wrecky.

Q.テつ At the beginning of the week we got things started by you hearing from the R&A saying that your extension to play in the Open championship would go another year, to next year at St. Andrews.テつ What are your thoughts about a couple of weeks from now?
TOM WATSON:テつ Well, I'm getting shorter and shorter.テつ The shots going into the greens are a little flatter and roll a lot. テつAnd I'm sure I'm going to be bouncing the ball into a lot of the greens that are there.テつ I just hope I hit it straight enough to get it onto the greens.

Q.テつ Tom, you keep joking about this shooting your age, but you keep doing it, getting closer and closer every day.テつ Pretty good week for you, huh?
TOM WATSON:テつ It was a good week.テつ I was very happy about the way that I played, especially the way I putted.テつ I putted well, especially the short putting.テつ I made more short putts this week that I normally struggle with and don't make.テつ And that's the reason I scored pretty well.
I took a pretty bad ball striking round in the middle of the round today and actually turned it into something pretty decent.テつ A 69 is not bad on this golf course for a guy my age.

Q.テつ Talk about the week in general, another Greenbrier in the books now, five for you, five total, but this tournament continues to kind of get better and get more traction as it goes on, huh?
TOM WATSON:テつ Well, you can't believe the number of players, their wives and their kids that come here and just have the greatest time here at the Greenbrier.テつ I mean it's a vacation.テつ And yeah, there's a golf tournament going on, but the facility here is just‑‑ there's so many things to do.テつ And like yesterday, I played croquet and bowled yesterday.テつ I mean where else do you go bowling and play croquet and shoot 69 the next day.

Q.テつ Did you hear the roar up ahead on the hole‑in‑one from Bud Cauley?
TOM WATSON:テつ I watched it.テつ I watched it.テつ As a matter of fact, I made a mistake.テつ I didn't think I could reach the 17th green in two and I hit my 3‑wood.テつ I had 271 yards to the front and I rolled it to the middle of the green while those guys are still putting.テつ And that's a no‑no.テつ And I hurried up there, and I got up to the side of the 18th tee, watched the watched.テつ Watched the shot go out, and I was like, man, that looks pretty good.テつ That looks real good.テつ All of a sudden the arms go up, touchdown, and I knew it was in the hole.テつ It was a great shot.

Q.テつ Bunch of happy fans, too?
TOM WATSON:テつ Yeah.テつ A hundred bucks.テつ I mean this is great.

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