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July 6, 2014

Michael Hoey


MICHAEL HOEY:テつ Played great on Friday, just a few sloppy swings over the last two days but wasn't as destructive as it could have been, sometimes three or more double‑bogeys.テつ Yesterday or today, it was just bogeys, and around this course, bogey is actually good sometimes.テつ Just really satisfying to get a good result again, another Top‑10.テつ So it's been pretty consistent.

Q.テつ Can you encapsulate how difficult it was out there today?
MICHAEL HOEY:テつ It was like playing in Northern Ireland.テつ Graeme and I were talking about it the last hole.テつ It was really wild at one stage, died down towards the end but everything was wet.テつ And it was just mentally tiring.テつ Pretty tired after this week but playing golf back home helped.

Q.テつ On what is a difficult track at the best of times but with the wind swirling and rain coming in.
MICHAEL HOEY:テつ Yeah, something like seven out of eight weeks I've played, as well, so everything is against you.テつ It's a mental battle.テつ It gives you satisfaction if you do well.テつ And a great atmosphere coming down the last few holes with Graeme leading the tournament.テつ That's why you practise is to try to get into this position.

Q.テつ As we speak we don't know whether Graeme is going to go onto win this championship, but can you give an appreciation of how well he's played today?
MICHAEL HOEY:テつ It was great.テつ I mean, he's just mentally very, very good, very solid on the greens.テつ Hits the right shot at the right time and fortunately I was able to do that, as well, down the stretch.テつ He's a great competitor, a warrior, really.

Q.テつ How does it feel to get into The Open Championship?
MICHAEL HOEY:テつ Yeah, I was trying not to think about it too much today, one shot at a time.テつ Trying to hit good swings, but it's a major.
I've played in it two years ago and wanted to do better than I did at Lytham.テつ It's a great course, Hoylake.テつ I played the British Amateur there.テつ Mikko beat me in the quarterfinal, so looking forward to going back and seeing it again.

Q.テつ A course you relish?
MICHAEL HOEY:テつ Obviously watched Tiger win it.テつ I think it will be a bit softer conditions this year.テつ It's a great course.テつ Links golf, for me greens a lot growing up on links, so it's quite satisfying.

Q. テつA different style of golf entirely but one you do just enjoy I think.
MICHAEL HOEY:テつ This week was linksy and with the weather today, and so it's tough but go and get some rest now, decide on the Scottish in the next few hours.テつ But I'd love to play Aberdeen so we'll see what happens.

Q.テつ Did you come into Alstom Open de France with The Open Championship in mind?
MICHAEL HOEY:テつ It's such a marathon, any of these tournaments, you've got to make the cut, you've got to get into position and then you've got to play well.
So there's so many factors.テつ But this set up well for me.テつ I've been playing well this year.テつ It's just been a bit of a dream really.

Q.テつ I'm sure this adds to the excitement for the week to come?
MICHAEL HOEY:テつ There's a lot of excitement, change in plans perhaps but it's nice to have these options and I'm looking forward to it.

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