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July 5, 2014

Bob Bryan

Mike Bryan


7/6, 6/7, 6/4, 3/6, 7/5

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ What was the atmosphere like out there?
BOB BRYAN:テつ Atmosphere was great.テつ Always a special feeling on Centre Court.テつ Third match of the day.テつ The first ones were blow‑outs.テつ The place was packed.テつ Everyone was looking for a competitive match and they got it.
Unfortunately we were on the losing end of it, which doesn't feel good.テつ But we'll look back on this run we had here with good feelings.テつ Wasn't always the prettiest of tennis, but I thought we fought hard for two weeks and turned it into a final.テつ Almost another trophy.

Q.テつ Does it surprise you they're like first‑time partners?
BOB BRYAN:テつ That happens a lot.テつ The honeymoon period is sometimes, you know, tough to stop.テつ We faced it many times, you know.テつ Guys playing together the first time are really excited.テつ They have great runs.テつ Everything is fresh and new.
MIKE BRYAN:テつ Haven't seen the strings of the puppet show.
BOB BRYAN:テつ The roof closed playing an indoor match made their serves go from great to really awesome.テつ They had a bunch of aces.テつ We didn't have many looks.
We were prepared for a long fifth, but they hit some hot shots there to break us.

Q.テつ How much of a factor was what Sock was doing?
MIKE BRYAN:テつ Yeah, I mean, he's serving in the high 120s.テつ We're just lunging to get a return in.テつ He's setting up for a huge forehand.テつ That thing is one of the biggest forehands in the game.テつ It's tough.テつ He hits it like an overhead.テつ So you saw some of those.
Yeah, it's tough to just get in a lot of points and try to get it to his backhand because he's running around, covers 90% of the court with his forehand.

Q.テつ There seems to be a bit of confusion how many match points you saved.
MIKE BRYAN:テつ Saved four, I think.
BOB BRYAN:テつ Four, yeah.テつ Those are two good players.テつ They're great athletes.テつ They both have bright futures on the singles court, as well.テつ Whenever they step out there on the doubles court they're going to be a tough team to beat.
Both guys serve well.テつ They know how to move at the net.テつ They know how to poach.テつ They're not afraid to get in there and get dirty on the volleys.テつ A lot of firepower.
We'll see them in a lot of matches.
We've played Sock a bunch already.テつ Seen what he's had to offer.テつ Now he's a Grand Slam champ, doubles champ.テつ Should give him a lot of confidence to make some deep runs in singles hopefully.

Q.テつ When you were talking about the honeymoon period, you were saying they hadn't seen such and such.
MIKE BRYAN:テつ You can lose a few matches with a partner and there's a little bit of doubt that creeps in.テつ It was just a bundle of positive energy the whole way.テつ They've never lost a match together.
Yeah, that's just the force of momentum.テつ They have smiles on their faces.テつ They're playing happy.テつ I don't know, they expect to win.

Q.テつ Sock has won a mixed title, as well.テつ Now this.テつ Why do you think he's been able to have success in doubles when singles hasn't kept up with that?
BOB BRYAN:テつ Yeah, like he's having fun, you know.テつ He's winning the close matches.テつ The singles I think will come for him.
He's shown that he can win a big match.テつ Just has to string it together like he has in this tournament in doubles.テつ He's got some artillery that's going to translate, you know, anywhere.
So it's just a matter, I think, of time before he puts it together in the big moment on the singles court.

Q.テつ You have won a lot of matches in a lot of places.テつ Did you have a particularly good feeling here, having won the Olympics and then being defending champions?
MIKE BRYAN:テつ Yeah, I mean, we love that court.テつ Has great memories, our last two finals, Wimbledon final and Olympic final.
Yeah, we felt confident stepping out there.テつ Yeah, we just ran up against a hot team today, so...
It could have gone either way.

Q.テつ Before you said they were very fresh and they expected to win.テつ Does that mean you don't necessarily always expect to win?
BOB BRYAN:テつ I don't know what they expected.テつ I mean, they're definitely the underdog.テつ The underdog, sometimes it's easier to play when you got nothing to lose and you're playing free.
We've played as the front‑runner or the favorite for the last 10, 11 years of our career, 12 years.テつ We've gotten pretty used to that feeling.テつ We know how to combat those free‑wheelers.テつ Just weren't able to stop it today.

Q.テつ You guys have been at this for a long, long time.テつ This is a tough loss.テつ Talk about the art of dealing with losses, how you get that insomnia effect, how long does it last?
MIKE BRYAN:テつ When you put yourself in these big title matches and you don't come out on top, they sting.
We've been in 26 Grand Slam finals; we've lost 11 of them.テつ You know, those are daggers, you know.
But we usually bounce back.テつ It's going to motivate us to go hit the gym.テつ You can't win 'em all.
BOB BRYAN:テつ Yeah, I mean, you don't sleep the night after one of these losses.テつ That's when you can get sick. テつYou play three and a half hours on the court, you're body's broken down.テつ Then you go back home and you can't sleep and you're looking at your phone until 5:00 in the morning.テつ You wake up at 8:00, jump on a flight, and you go home get like pneumonia.
You got to take care of yourself, not get too down, try to grab some Z's, eat some food after these losses.

Q.テつ It takes about how long, though?
MIKE BRYAN:テつ We won't wake up too chipper tomorrow morning.
BOB BRYAN:テつ You walk around in a fog for a couple days.
MIKE BRYAN:テつ We'll snap out of it in a couple days probably.テつ It always helps to have a few Wimbledons in the trophy case.
But, yeah, we'll snap out of it.

Q.テつ What's the plan for No.100?
MIKE BRYAN:テつ We got to get to 99 first.テつ We're going to play in the States.テつ It will be nice to get to 100 in the States.
BOB BRYAN:テつ D.C. is our first tournament, two Masters Series, then the US Open.テつ We got four hard court tournaments this summer.
MIKE BRYAN:テつ Hopefully chip away and get one more.

Q.テつ The fact that you've won and lost so many Grand Slam finals, does it make it a little bit easier because you've done it?テつ Is it a humbling effect, as well?
BOB BRYAN:テつ Since we've been there so many times, we don't get nervous as much before the match.テつ They're easier to play.テつ You just feel more comfortable in the big moments.
Yeah, it's easier to digest, you know, a tough loss like this when.テつ Like Mike said, you have three Wimbledons sitting in the trophy case.
You are not panicking.テつ You know you can do it again.テつ You know what it takes.テつ You know the formula to win a Grand Slam.
When we won our first, we'd lost five in a row.テつ We thought, Are we a one‑hit wonder?テつ Can we do it?テつ Do we know what it takes?
So winning two, three, fifteen, we feel like we got it figured out and we can do it again.

Q.テつ Talk about Mr. Foot‑fault on the sideline over there.テつ Were you tempted to go Serena on him?
MIKE BRYAN:テつ We actually do foot‑fault.テつ I've seen Bob do it in practice.テつ He warns me, I warn him.
But when you're playing a match you speed up.テつ You're nicking it.
BOB BRYAN:テつ Something we got to work on.

Q.テつ Did it affect things?
BOB BRYAN:テつ Did you get called for a foot‑fault in the last game?
BOB BRYAN:テつ We got broken fair and square, legit.

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