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July 5, 2014

Sara Errani

Roberta Vinci


6/1, 6/3

THE MODERATOR:テつ Good afternoon.テつ Our 2014 ladies doubles champion.テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ What does it mean for you to complete your Grand Slam collection here?
SARA ERRANI:テつ Unbelievable.テつ I mean, no words to tell you what is it for us.
Of course we thinking about that.テつ We were thinking about that all the day, all the morning.
Of course is very special.

Q.テつ What are your thoughts on the match and how you played?テつ Pretty impressive scoreline.
SARA ERRANI:テつ Yeah, I think we play perfect.
SARA ERRANI:テつ They were serving so strong.テつ It was not easy, but she played unbelievable returning, serving, volleys, everything.テつ We were like very aggressive all the time.
That was the important thing for us, that we try to do it all the two weeks.テつ Was perfect.

Q.テつ Is this the best result you've had, do you feel, out of all your Grand Slams?
SARA ERRANI:テつ Yes.テつ Yes.テつ Why not?テつ Why not?テつ Of course is unbelievable.テつ I don't know how many person make this, teams did the Grand Slam we did.テつ We won Australia, this year finally in Paris, now Wimbledon.テつ Maybe more difficult for us.テつ Was very special.

Q.テつ What does winning Wimbledon mean for you personally?テつ Why do you like Wimbledon as a tournament?
SARA ERRANI:テつ Because is a Grand Slam and is the one that we didn't won, so...
ROBERTA VINCI:テつ Now we did it.
SARA ERRANI:テつ Now we did it, yes.

Q.テつ What do you think is the secret of your success?テつ You've had so many wins together.
SARA ERRANI:テつ Well, we always say this:テつ we are very friend outside.テつ We are like really a team together all the day with our families, our coaches.テつ We are really a big team always.テつ Not only for double, but also when we are in the tournament for singles.
I think is very important this.テつ We help each other very much.テつ We know how to help the other.テつ We know each other.テつ So is important also when you go on the court this, but also because I think we both play very good.テつ So it's not only that.
We're both playing very good in singles and doubles, so it's good.

Q.テつ Do you see yourself teaming up and winning a lot more Grand Slams together?
SARA ERRANI:テつ I don't know.テつ For the moment we are very happy to make this and to make the Grand Slam.
ROBERTA VINCI:テつ We will see.
SARA ERRANI:テつ We will enjoy more all the Grand Slams.

Q.テつ When you were younger, did you have a dream of getting to this stage?
SARA ERRANI:テつ No, no, no, not really.テつ No.

Q.テつ What was your background?テつ How did you get into tennis?
SARA ERRANI:テつ Me, always when I was very, very young with my brother.テつ So I start very young playing, but never imagine to do this in double with my best friend.
Of course is no words.

Q.テつ The roll on the ground when you were on top of each other, is that your signature celebration?テつ Is that something we'll keep seeing?
SARA ERRANI:テつ No, no, no.

Q.テつ Why did that happen?
SARA ERRANI:テつ I don't know.テつ I think that is something that comes to you.テつ You don't think about that.テつ I don't know.
We didn't think about doing nothing.テつ It just comes.

Q.テつ What will happen now?テつ Where will you go from here?
SARA ERRANI:テつ I'm going to Bad Gastein.テつ She's going Bucharest.
ROBERTA VINCI:テつ Bucharest, next tournament.

Q.テつ You're going to come back and defend your title?
SARA ERRANI:テつ Of course.
ROBERTA VINCI:テつ Of course.

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