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June 15, 2001

Jim Furyk


Q. Jim, no matter what you thought you might have left out there, do you sit back and say even par is good in a U.S. Open?

JIM FURYK: Yeah, I think the guys that teed off late on Thursday probably had the better end of the deal. We got to play more holes with the good weather right now. And some of those guys finished 18 yesterday, or most of the rounds, who knows what holds for tomorrow. I think we were fortunate with the tee times. I could see, I think, Mark Brooks having 6-under through 12 is an incredible score, but I could see where guys can get hot, and if you're playing well, the greens are so nice right now and holding, I can see a guy playing well. But having said that it's a tough, demanding course, and even par through 36 is a good score.

Q. Are you pretty satisfied, then, going into the weekend?

JIM FURYK: Well, never satisfied. There isn't one of us who will tell you we're playing great or are happy as we can be, unless it's Sunday and we're holding the trophy. But right now I know that I'm still going to be five or six shots off the lead, probably. But still putting myself with a good chance. If I play a good, solid weekend, I have a good chance. So that's what you want to do when you come here.

Q. (Inaudible.)

JIM FURYK: Well, I made a couple of bad mistakes at 17. I ended up making double bogey. I hit it just in the short cut on the left side and got a squirrely lie and hit it short of the green about 15 yards. I then proceeded to hit my third shot thin and ran it across the green, which was a terrible shot. And then -- I got a tough lie back there, and tried to get cute, left it short, right on the collar, and almost chipped it in, and tapped in a one or two-footer for six. And then I didn't let it bother me, went to 18, hit a driver and 4-wood about 12 feet and knocked in the putt. It takes a little sting out of 17. But if I went in there and bogeyed 18, you could bet I would have been a little ticked.

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