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July 5, 2014

Kevin Stadler


Q.  Before we talk about the golf, let's talk about the back.  Saw you holding your back on the ninth hole.  What's going on there?
KEVIN STADLER:  It's a little tight.  It's been a little out of whack all week.  Luckily didn't give me a whole lot of trouble the first couple days, but it today it turned up a bit.  Still able to swing so should be fine started the day leading by three expended it leading by four.

Q.  How do you feel about your game today?
KEVIN STADLER:  Got about what I deserved out of it.  I didn't play that great.  Made a whole lot of pars, a couple nice up‑and‑downs for pars.  Not nearly as many looks as I had the last couple days but you can't expect to play that well for four days in a row.
So to hold it together‑‑ I knew I really didn't have to do anything crazy today.  So a couple less would have been nice, but overall I'm happy the way it went.

Q.  How different was this golf course today?  It's the first time you've been here and the first two days nice and benign, today windy.
KEVIN STADLER:  Yeah, makes a lot of differences obviously.  The holes play a lot different.  The some tees were up.  They changed it up nicely.  Like you said it's a completely different golf course but it was a lot of fun.

Q.  You don't like to get ahead of yourselves, but this is our oldest championship, what would it mean to win The French Open tomorrow?
KEVIN STADLER:  Yeah, phenomenal.  Like you said, don't like to get ahead of myself but hopefully something I'll be able to think about coming down the last.  But other than that, try to block it out.

Q.  Am I right to presume there's a different level of satisfaction after a day like that?
KEVIN STADLER:  Yeah, a little bit.  Most guys like to get it done overall 18 holes.  Score was pretty average today but nothing too terrible, and frankly, didn't deserve a whole lot more.  Just a lot of pars today but all in all not too bad.

Q.  Do you find yourself proud of yourself after a round like that when you've got to dig deep and battle and deal with the elements?
KEVIN STADLER:  Yeah, I suppose.  Wasn't striking it nearly as well as the last couple days.
So to shoot something around par, I wouldn't say it was my goal but I knew it wasn't going to be that great of a round towards the middle of it, parring every hole.  Shot par on the back nine and like you said it was a little bit of a struggle so it was all good.

Q.  Did it feel like a different course?
KEVIN STADLER:  Yeah, it was obviously slightly different with the wind up and the rain the front nine.  But still the same golf course, same shapes, same shots for the most part.  The winds today seemed to be a little more cross and wasn't affecting it too terribly with the distances.

Q.  How is your back?  It looked like you physically wined a couple of times out there?
KEVIN STADLER:  Yeah, I was doing a lot of that.  Got to a point where I could figure out how to deal with it.  It's a little bit tight but I'll get it worked on before tomorrow.

Q.  Is this something that you had coming into this event or just exacerbated with chip in the rough at the ninth?
KEVIN STADLER:  Honestly I tweaked it‑‑ has not been great for the last couple months, and it's been horrible the last few weeks, and a couple slashes on nine yesterday tweaked it a little bit.
Felt all right on the range this morning; and just went a little bit there, actually on 8, and from then on it was just a little tight.  But wasn't too‑too painful and I could figure out how to get around after that.

Q.  Positive with this kind of lead heading into the final round?
KEVIN STADLER:  Yeah, more of the same tomorrow, a lot of pars, and hopefully sprinkle in a couple of birdies and see what happens.

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