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July 5, 2014

Graeme McDowell


Q.テつ Four birdies in five, what were you feeling during that run?
GRAEME McDOWELL:テつ Yeah, opened up a little scrappy.テつ Had some squally showers coming through the first nine holes.テつ It was tough to kind of find a rhythm.テつ It was playing pretty difficult out there.テつ It was nice to string a few birdies together and get myself back in it.
Nice up‑and‑down on 9.テつ As I made the turn, I was feeling really good about myself, about my game and just generally where I was positioned in the tournament.テつ You know, my swing on 10 off the tee and my swing on 13 off the tee, it's been haunting me a bit that shot this week.テつ Just trying to‑‑ a little squeeze control, trying to control a 3‑wood or a 5‑wood off the tees and try to find these fairways.テつ I just haven't been committing to those shots.テつ I've been missing them all left.

Q.テつ Second shot to 13 I have to ask you about.テつ Guys were saying, don't go for it, it's too dangerous.テつ What was your thinking?
GRAEME McDOWELL:テつ Yeah, I was in exactly the same position on Thursday on the same hole.テつ It was just 50/50 lie.テつ I thought to that back pin, I certainly didn't think I could fly 6‑iron to 160.
I needed to get on front left.テつ I thought I was hitting good enough 3‑hybrid.テつ I thought anything long or sort of long and right would give me a decent sort of opportunity for an up‑and‑down.テつ I felt the lie was good enough.テつ I was a little scared to hit the hybrid and I kind of backed off it and came out of it.
You know, the rest is histoire as they say in France.テつ Good up‑and‑down to get myself back in.テつ Loose tee shot off the next tee and really paid the price.

Q.テつ Obviously if Kevin plays well tomorrow, your chance is win is gone but if he doesn't you still have a chance?
GRAEME McDOWELL:テつ Absolutely.テつ All I can do is go try to shoot 66, 67.テつ I'm sort of four or five shots out of second, and you know, there's a 75, 76 waiting for anyone on this golf course.
You know, disappointed with that back nine today because I really felt like I swung the club decently at times today, and you know, get back out there tomorrow and see what we can do.

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