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July 4, 2014

Kevin Stadler


Q.¬† Playing beautifully, 12‑under par going down the last, what happened with the third shot?
KEVIN STADLER:  Just tried to get a little too much out of it.  Didn't have the best of lies and I had to hit the shot perfectly and just tried to get a little too steep on it and off it came in the deep stuff.  Not exactly how I planned to finish the day, but overall it was another day, so it's all good.

Q.¬† Very positive day.¬† Players walking off the course when you are 12‑under shaking their heads, saying, how is he doing this.
KEVIN STADLER:  I putted brilliantly the first couple days.  I got a little sloppy on my final nine today, but other than that, I stroked the ball very well, as well.  Had a lot of chances and rolled in a lot of nice putts.

Q.¬† Iron play looks good, you're in the Top‑10 on the US PGA TOUR, but do you feel like you're swinging well?
KEVIN STADLER:  It's starting to show some signs of form again and starting to get a little more comfortable with it and I've hit plenty of good shots the last couple of days for sure.

Q.  Thoughts going into this situation?
KEVIN STADLER:  Hopefully more of the same.  Playing very solidly and just hope the putter keeps cooperating and just looking forward to the last couple days.

Q.  Commentators have obviously been highlighting the fact that you have so many manner dynamisms and your swing is so similar to your dad.  Is that through mimicking?  Did you watch and copy?
KEVIN STADLER:  It's certainly not on purpose, I'll tell you that.  Genetics just does whatever it does.  I don't try to copy anything he does.  But I catch myself when I'm around him, it's eerily similar, yeah. 

Q.  What about some sightseeing this afternoon?
KEVIN STADLER:  Went into Paris Wednesday not, might go in again.  Not too sure.  See how the weather turns out this afternoon.

Q.¬† 10‑under par is a very good score, disappointing finish, but did you see a 10‑under par beforehand?
KEVIN STADLER:  Absolutely not.  Especially not through two days.  I'd be very excited in, and, in fact, I'd probably still take it at the end of the week.
I played really well in the Pro‑Am and didn't know what to expect as far as the scores went.¬† The greens were big and the pins were accessible on Tuesday afternoon.
Obviously very pleased with 10‑under through two days?

Q.  Obviously suits your eye.  What is it about the golf course that really has brought out this good scoring?
KEVIN STADLER:¬† I like every bit of it.¬† It's definitely a ball‑striker's golf course.¬† It has a lot of good, really definitive lines off the tees, really shapes the shots for you.¬† Presents itself and says, here is what you need to do, go ahead and do it, so you don't have to be overly creative.¬† I enjoy holes that shape themselves.¬† It's just a really good golf course, green are great, and certainly enjoying it so far.

Q.  You won earlier this year and then didn't play great the last couple months but did you see this coming on?
KEVIN STADLER:  Not at all.  Been struggling the last couple months, but I had a nice week off last week and I pretty much just completely got a way from it, didn't really touch a club, other than one day and got over here and just kind of recharged the batteries a little bit.
The swing flaws kind of disappear when you don't touch a club too often and I felt comfortable from the get‑go once I got here.¬† So I was certainly looking forward to the week.¬† But on the way over, I wasn't too pleased with the way things were going.

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