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July 4, 2014

Marcel Siem


Q.  Was your patience tested today when you made four fives in a row?
MARCEL SIEM:  Yeah, definitely was.  I think it was one of my worst strategy rounds ever.  On third, I started with a birdie, three shots out of the lead.  Without the lead on 10‑under I would have played differently today.  I just tried to catch up which was totally stupid in windy conditions.  Tried to hit a low draw on the third to get there in two and hit it in the bushes and had 30 minutes to let a group through.  I lost momentum totally there and made six.
On 6, I went in with a driver, tried to get on to the green, totally stupid and I made bogey, as well.  So that was a bit of a momentum breaking and it was tough for me to get back and make good golf shots.  Luckily I chipped it on 17.  The scoring was well in the afternoon.  I see that now.

Q.  Talk about the chip‑in, highlight of the round.
MARCEL SIEM:  Hit a great drive, missed the fairway but didn't come back.  Hit a 4‑iron short; here we go, great.  Did some work with Roe‑y; works out, thank you, Roe‑y.  It was just a really good chip.  A little left‑to‑right there and happy it went in.

Q.  What about the football that's happening right now?  Where are you going to watch it?
MARCEL SIEM:  I don't know, I need to check my phone where Martin and Max are.  It would be great to sit together with them and watch it.  I heard there's a screen up there for players and families.  I won't sit in the French crowd, that's for sure.  If they go one‑nil ahead or something, it's going to be crazy for me.
I hit a lot of good shots and never got the distance right or the directions.  I missed the fairways by a couple of yards and made bogeys.  Distance control, I thought it was 1 1/2 club of wind and it was more than two sometimes.  I was very, very happy at least the chip went in.
I thought really I'm losing a lot more spots but everybody made mistakes today.  This is the type of course when the wind gets up, it's very difficult.

Q.  Looked like there were so many frustrations and then you sort of shrugged, what a stupid game golf is. 
MARCEL SIEM:  Like I said before, I made a lot of mistakes on the front nine.  Tried to rip my driver on the third just to get there in two, instead of hitting my safe, low fade, which I actually never miss a fairway with.  Hit in the bushes and took ages.  Had to let a group through and lost momentum there.
On 6, I tried to hit a driver on the green.  It was downwind and I made bogey, as well.  That was a momentum‑breaker there.  After that, I haven't found back into my game unfortunately.

Q.  Can you take positives from the fact that you are still nicely involved in the championship, up the leaderboard, albeit the leaders a bit distant?
MARCEL SIEM:  The 10‑under, when you see that all day long on the scoreboard this morning with no wind, I just tried to keep up there.  I just tried to equalise that.  Just tried to shoot 4‑under today.  That was the problem.  You have to be very, very patient on this golf course, otherwise it kills you, and that's what happened today.  I think I got somehow out of it without shooting loads over par.  So I really have to be patient.

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