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July 3, 2014

Chris Stroud


Q.テつ Overall impression of your round today?
CHRIS STROUD:テつ I left a few out there, but the golf course is in great shape.テつ Fairways are a little soft.テつ But I played solid.テつ I got a new driver in play.テつ I drove it very good.
I hit a couple of loose shots, but I don't think I made a bogey, if I can recall.テつ I don't think I made a bogey, so that helps.
Hit a lot of good shots.テつ I had a lot of 9‑irons for some reason.テつ Same shot today.テつ But the wind's down.テつ It got a little windy on the back 9, but I would say played solid.テつ I mean finished really strong.テつ I mean 4‑under‑‑ I feel about 4 or 5‑under is how I played, but it really was only 2 until the last two holes.テつ I birdied the last two holes.テつ But I putted strong.テつ Definitely struggled on the greens with the speed.テつ The greens are a little slower‑‑ they look really fast and they're not, so I want to go putt a little bit and figure it out.

Q.テつ And then just talk about your shot on 18.テつ What did you hit?
CHRIS STROUD:テつ It was right in between 9‑iron and 8‑iron.テつ We adjusted 156 hole which is a perfect 8‑iron, but it was a little downwind.テつ I teed up an 8‑iron, tried to hit a really high 150 shot, just really soft.テつ And it came out just perfect.テつ So best shot of the day.テつ Nice to finish a little 2.

Q.テつ And then lastly, what do you have to do to keep it up this week?
CHRIS STROUD:テつ Gotta keep the ball in the fairway.テつ This driver is really good.テつ You know, I think the last six months I've learned that over the week my swing gets looser and looser with the long game.テつ So if I can keep my long game nice and tight and keep hitting fairways, I know I'm going to hit a good.テつ I always wedge it good.テつ I always chip it good.テつ I all's putt it pretty solid.テつ So gotta maintain my driver.テつ Keep the ball in the fairway, make sure my long stuff is really good.

Q.テつ And you have a new driver?
CHRIS STROUD:テつ I got a new driver.テつ It's great.

Q.テつ What kind?
CHRIS STROUD:テつ Yeah, it's a TaylorMade Slider, SLDR S, the new one, the gray one.テつ And I got it all fixed up, and it's awesome.テつ It's actually better than the one in my game I've been playing with for eight months.テつ So I'm really excited about it.テつ I drove it great today.
I mean I think I only hit one or two bad drives, which is really good for me.テつ I mean that's what I struggle with.テつ Hit a lot of good ones, especially under the gun and I hit an awesome shot on 17, 2 85 hole and I hit it on the green in two with my little slider, mini driver.テつ So really strong.テつ Good way to finish and see if I can shoot about three more of those.

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