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July 3, 2014

Jason Bohn


Q.テつ What was working for you?
JASON BOHN:テつ I just made a bunch of putts, actually.テつ I made some good 20, 25‑footers, a few of them, actually.テつ And I kind of kept the ball out of trouble.
You know, it was soft out there this morning, so we had no breeze, so it was very gettable.テつ It was extremely scorable.テつ Will be this afternoon, too, if the storms don't come up.
The greens were a lot softer than they were the last couple of days, so you could kind of go flag hunting.

Q.テつ Right.テつ How many times this year for you?
JASON BOHN:テつ How many times is this for me?

Q.テつ Here?
JASON BOHN:テつ Three or four.

Q.テつ How many times have you broken par in your first round?
JASON BOHN:テつ I could never tell you that.テつ I have no clue.テつ (Laughs).テつ I don't know if I've ever broken par in my first round here.テつ I don't know.
Yeah, but I love coming here.テつ My family comes.テつ It's a beautiful place.テつ I think sometimes we get a little too wrapped up in stuff outside of golf than we do in the golf here.テつ It's pretty easy to do that.

Q.テつ Have you changed your approach with that at all over the years?
JASON BOHN:テつ No.テつ I think it's a workweek, but it's also a great family week, and so you want to make sure you can enjoy it with your family and not stress too much about the job at hand.
I mean it's a beautiful place to come, so I'm thrilled to get off to a good start, for sure.

Q.テつ Have you gone through the whole Greenbrier activities list?テつ Have you gone through everything so far?
JASON BOHN:テつ I've hit a lot of them.テつ I don't know if we've done every one of them.テつ We did the Falconry, which is an unbelievable experience.テつ My kids are still young, so we haven't taken them to the bunker.テつ They're not old enough yet.テつ But I know if we keep coming we definitely will do that.テつ But yeah, we've touched every other thing that we can get our hands on for sure.

Q.テつ Jason, we hear from a lot of the golfers that because there's so much going on here, it's a great family week, but does this make it a different and almost distracting event for that reason because there's so much to do for your family and everybody else?
JASON BOHN:テつ Yeah, it's all how you look at it actually, you can make yourself be distracted, for sure, or you can just enjoy your time away from the golf course.テつ There's lots of times when we go away from the golf course that there's nothing to do.テつ So this is great.テつ And we see a lot of our families here, a lot of our friends, all the kids are having fun.テつ So yeah, to go lounge by the pool is not so bad.
But yeah, you can use it to your advantage or your disadvantage, for sure.

Q.テつ Is it hard to like if you play a bad round, is it hard to get that out of your mind and easier to get it out of your mind when you play a good round, like this afternoon, this evening?
JASON BOHN:テつ I think when you've got young kids, it's easy both ways because they don't care what you shoot.テつ You know, it's time for dad to be dad, so you're going to play.
So here it's probably a little bit easier to get a bad round out of you because there's so much to do to take your mind off of golf.テつ If you just end up going back and sitting in the hotel room, you can kind of‑‑ you can dig a hole for yourself.テつ That's for sure.

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