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July 3, 2014

Marcel Siem


MARCEL SIEM:  I always enjoy to come back here.  I love the track and had a good start this morning.  Finally the putts dropped.  Last week was horrible with putting.  I'm really pleased.

Q.  Tell us about the second shot to the third.
MARCEL SIEM:  It was a perfect number.  I think it was 227 to the flag, wind off to the right a little bit.  Could hold off my 5‑wood a little bit, it was perfect.  Started left of the flag and nicely drifted towards the flag and the wind held it up, it was nice.

Q.  Your fourth week in a row, you had a baby born last Monday; how are you managing to focus with all this going on?
MARCEL SIEM:  I thought exactly the same this morning.  I was really tired and had a late tee time yesterday in the Pro‑Am, an early one this morning, and I can't wait to go to bed.  I need to get my batteries loaded up.  My two bad concentration mistakes again like Ireland, 18 I hit a great drive and just had to flick it with a 9‑iron on to 18 and instead of going for it, it was a good number again and I tried to play safe on the left side and hit it in the water on the right.
On the second hole, I was not concentrated again and shanked it, made a good four there.  I think if I can keep my concentration level, I'm going to be some good results in the next two weeks hopefully.
Really happy about the start.  It's always a big thing for me this week.  I love this golf course.  It's not a putting contest and the last week it was pretty horrible for me.  There was a lot of people wanting me to play well and I just couldn't get the job done.
It's not good for the confidence, stuff like that, and didn't hit it well on the range this morning and I was grumpy, as well and 6‑under on this golf course, I'm really pleased.

Q.  The pressure is off from spectators but you always put the pressure on yourself and you know how well you can play around here. 
MARCEL SIEM:  I lover the spectators, and like you say, I put the pressure on myself.  Every golf shot here you have to be very concentrated.  Every shot a beautiful shot, it's not boring at all.  I just love it around this track.

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