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July 1, 2014

Brian Anania


THE MODERATOR:テつ We'd like to welcome Brian Anania to the media room.テつ Brian, if you would, I heard you played a lot of rounds out here.テつ If you could, give us some thoughts on the golf course?
BRIAN ANANIA:テつ I've been fortunate enough in my junior career and collegiate career, and we play all our state ams here, so I have a lot of rounds played.テつ It's in incredible shape right now.テつ It's probably the best I've ever seen it this week.テつ So I'm pretty familiar with it, so it's nice to have a course I know for my first PGA TOUR event.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Also, Jimmy Walker was in here earlier and talked to us about playing with you.テつ What was that experience like playing with him and Tom Watson?
BRIAN ANANIA:テつ Oh, it was incredible.テつ It's something not many people get to do to play with those guys.テつ They were so welcoming to me, and I had a blast out there with them.

Q.テつ Talk a little bit more about that group, to be with Jimmy and Tom?テつ I know Tom said he kind of joked as they walked off the No. 1 tee with you and said we'd like to play with you, if you don't mind.テつ Talk about what that was like to watch them swing and watch them cut balls?
BRIAN ANANIA:テつ Yeah, it was awesome.テつ That is something you can't turn down if they invite you to play with them.テつ It was fun watching them hit shots.テつ I mean, those guys are so good.テつ To watch them on TV for years now, and it was an incredible experience for me.テつ I had a blast with them.テつ They're both great guys and fun to be around.

Q.テつ You actually played the Old White more than they have probably combined.テつ Did you ever the opportunity to kind of say work the ball this way, don't go here, don't go there?
BRIAN ANANIA:テつ No, I didn't really give them‑‑ I mean, they didn't ask me for advice on the course, and I've probably played it close to as much as they have if not more.テつ But I was just trying to stay out of their way.テつ I didn't want to get in their way or anything.

Q.テつ How much did you pick the brains of your old teammates Christian and Nate on playing a bigger event?
BRIAN ANANIA:テつ Actually, I haven't‑‑ they both texted me and congratulated me about winning the amateur and stuff like that.テつ But I never really got the chance to talk to them about playing in an event at this level.テつ Probably something I should have done, but never did call them on that.

Q.テつ Can you give us some specifics about how the course is different from when you played the amateur a couple weeks ago to how it was today?
BRIAN ANANIA:テつ Yeah, I think it's playing pretty similar.テつ I mean, obviously a little bit longer.テつ We didn't play a few of those back tees in the amateur, but for the most part it's pretty similar.テつ Greens are a little bit quicker, probably a little more firm, other than that, fairways and rough are playing about the same.

Q.テつ How different is it to play this Old White course with grandstands up and some of them are within 20 feet of the green?
BRIAN ANANIA:テつ It's pretty wild.テつ It's something I've never done before.テつ I've never been on this type of stage.テつ They were putting the grandstands up during the Amateur so you had to play near them and they were about halfway up.テつ But now that they're racked and it's got that stadium atmosphere to it, it's a different environment for me, and it's pretty neat.

Q.テつ You go from the amateur, obviously, where you walk in, you're confident, you see yourself as one of the top dogs headed into the tournament, where this you're just hoping to make it to Saturday.テつ Talk about the mindset switch for you as a golfer knowing that these guys have been around a little longer than you have?
BRIAN ANANIA:テつ Yeah, probably for the Amateur, I probably put more pressure on myself.テつ I'm going to come in here with really no expectations.テつ I went into the Amateur knowing that I have the talent to win it, and that was my goal to walk out with a win for sure.テつ Coming into this, this is my first time.テつ This is going to be an experience of a lifetime.テつ I mean, this is something not many people get to do, and I'm going to have a blast with it.テつ The last couple days have been awesome, and I'm looking forward to the rest of the week.

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