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June 29, 2014

Shawn Stefani


Q. I know it's always difficult to lose but you have to feel good about the way you played?
SHAWN STEFANI: I do. It was great to put myself in position, obviously in a playoff, to win a tournament. This is the first time I've been in that position coming in on Sunday late, and really happy about it.

Q. A lot of casual golfing fans may not know you, but how does a guy who has not been in a lot of these positions before calm his nerves to put himself in this kind of position? It's a tough course, I know.
SHAWN STEFANI: You walk slow and breathe slow and focus on what you're doing and that's how you get through it.

Q. Silver lining, Open Championship, that's got to feel really good.
SHAWN STEFANI: Yeah, it does. Never been over there and looking forward to getting over there and seeing how the course is playing.

Q. Got to feel good about the way you played.
SHAWN STEFANI: Obviously it's a great experience to come out here and play and it definitely gives me the belief that I can win a golf tournament on the PGA TOUR.

Q. Not the finish you were looking for but what a special week.
SHAWN STEFANI: It was great. I actually started the day off with really good thoughts. I put myself in positions a few times the last couple years to win a golf tournament and haven't really played great on the weekend and maybe even on Sunday. But today I said, you know, you've been here a couple times now, it's time to go out and play your game and see what you can do and see where it ends up. Fortunately for me it put me in the playoff.

Q. Now, you came through in Houston where it was almost Last Chance Saloon with a medical extension, and now you're in a situation where you've locked up your TOUR card and in The Open Championship. Talk about the last few months.
SHAWN STEFANI: You know, I was obviously injured last year, and spent some time, actually a lot of time in the off-season really working hard on my game, and the thing that allowed me to work on my game was my health. My health was better and I knew coming into this year that no matter where I was playing, I was going to play well. But I had to do some work with my mind, too, working on my attitude and all that, because last year when you're injured, you kind of struggle when you're injured. You kind of don't know what's going on. So I really worked hard on the mental side of the game and it's allowed me to come out here and play well. And now to know that my TOUR card is locked up, I knew obviously after I was done that my TOUR card was locked up, but it was such a great feeling to do that, because really my goal was to just make it to the FedExCup Playoffs after my start, and I've secured that and now I have got my card for next year.

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