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June 29, 2014

Charley Hoffman


Q. Thoughts on first of all how you played today?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Good. I hung in there. It a little slow start. Bogeyed 2 and sort of got out there. Knew the greens were firm and fast and sort of took the aggressive side out of it. You had to play safe toward the sender of greens. I was patient and made some good par saves today and was able to make some birdies coming down to the end and turn too into a decent round.

Q. You were one of the few people to par 11. Explain how tough those couple of holes are.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I didn't take the traditional way on 11, I flared it out in the hazard, had some sort of lie and chipped it out and was able to hit a 6-iron about nine feet underneath the hole and was able to make it. So that was a pretty lucky par on 11. The first three days I putted pretty good. If you hit the fairway, you've got a chance, just go for the middle of the green and make a par. You're just trying to walk out of there with four.

Q. Is it tougher today than the last few days?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah, well, I played 9:30 yesterday morning, so the course was still fairly soft in some areas. Today there was no soft spots. The fairways were firm and the greens were firm and it played tough.

Q. How do you feel two shots off the lead right now?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I mean, I don't wish bad against anybody, but I've doubled a hole coming in to lose golf tournaments before. Who knows, we'll see. I'll lace 'em back up. I'll take them off now and if I need to I'll put 'em back on.

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