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June 29, 2014

Thongchai Jaidee


Q.  When you started today, what number did you think you would have to shoot to maybe have an effect at what happens at the end of today?
THONGCHAI JAIDEE:  I think course is playing very easy today and I look at the forecast in the morning, it will be okay.  In the afternoon it will be a little bit tough.  I think we have to shoot anything below 7‑under to 9‑under to have a chance.  I tried to make it up every time.  I tried to hit a lot of green today, a lot of fairways today.  Very good score anyway.

Q.  You've had a great season.  You must be looking forward to the big events this summer?
THONGCHAI JAIDEE:  Yes, because I played quite well, I won in Sweden a couple weeks ago.  I missed the cut in America and come back this week and I think make me more confident.  That's why I play well this week.  It's good for me, and anyway, golf, you never know, the thing is next week is going to be challenging again.

Q.  What do you think, has 18‑under got a chance?
THONGCHAI JAIDEE:  I think right now, somebody is leading at 19‑under with one hole to play and a couple guys behind us with quite easy couple holes left.  Today 16 and 17 can be good challenge today and 18 can be tough today.  Anyway, I'm very happy my score today.  18‑under, very good for me this week.

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