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June 29, 2014

James Heath


Q.  When did you first realise it could be going?
JAMES HEATH:¬† I had a sneaky feeling it could be quite good because I thought the club I had was maybe a little too much and I didn't quite strike it‑‑ then it went in.¬† I had visions of doing it on Friday.¬† I had real visions‑‑ then I hit that 20 yards right.¬† And then today, yeah, just a little fade 7‑iron, spun back in the hole.

Q.  Is this your first ace on the Tour?
JAMES HEATH:  First ace on Tour, yes.  I think it's my 15th.

Q.  What other prizes have you seen?
JAMES HEATH:¬† None.¬† I didn't even get a pat on the back in M√©xico or something like that four years ago‑‑ Colombia, not even a ripple.¬† This was obviously a good time to do it.

Q.  Did it cost you anything in terms of the caddie, if you're an amateur, you have to pay a big round for the caddies or something like that?
JAMES HEATH:¬† I'll make sure my caddie is well looked after, don't worry about that.¬† He did initially pull 8‑iron and I pulled 7.
I drive a Citro√ęn DS4, very nice car‑‑ I don't have a garage.¬† I have a flat.¬† But I have absolutely no complaints.¬† Absolutely delighted.¬† Still can't quite believe it to be honest.

Q.  What do you think of the car itself?
JAMES HEATH:  Honestly I don't really ever take the time because I've never been able to afford something so wonderful.  So I've never really looked at it.  It's just like torture; why would you look at cars like that that you can't even afford.
But now I'd obviously take a lot of time.

Q.  Any ideas about colours?
JAMES HEATH:  I really don't know anything about the whole situation to tell you the truth.  Yeah, I don't know anything about it.

Q.  Do you consider this your biggest prize on the Tour so far?
JAMES HEATH:  100 percent, the biggest prize cheque I've ever had is 35,000.  So it's well above that.  Yeah, as I said to Michael earlier, it would be nice to win on the course, get in The Race to Dubai.

Q.  If you had a choice between taking a higher placing and a car?
JAMES HEATH:¬† I would take‑‑ well, depends on the higher placing.¬† If it was a thousand pound‑‑ well, I would probably take‑‑ that's a tricky one, isn't it.¬† I'd rather take a higher placing if I'm being truly honest, a top two or top three.¬† I wouldn't take 43rd or 42nd.

Q.  Was it easy to concentrate afterwards?
JAMES HEATH:  It was a bit tricky.  You've just won this awesome car, and yeah, I wasn't particularly playing kind of that great today.  Yeah, it was a little tricky to focus actually and towards the end I was kind of like, just get it in.  Like I say, nice problem to have.

Q.  Have you Tweeted it already?
JAMES HEATH:  I'm not on Twitter, so I haven't, no.  I'm not on Facebook, either, so I haven't done anything like that.  I've just come off the golf course so I haven't done anything.  Been focusing for four hours.

Q.  What did the other guys say?
JAMES HEATH:¬† Obviously delighted.¬† It's obviously great to get a hole‑in‑one any time.¬† To get a hole in one on that particular hole when there's such a magnificent prize‑‑ my friend got a hole‑in‑one worth a couple thousands, and that's obviously great but when you do it in this situation, it's fantastic.

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