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June 29, 2014

Gregory Havret


Q.テつ It's been a slow season so far, and that's just much more like it.
GREGORY HAVRET:テつ Definitely, yeah, thank you.テつ It's definitely a good week and those three rounds were really, really good.テつ I had a slow start, 1‑under the first day, but Friday, Saturday and Sunday were really good.テつ My game is really sharp now.テつ I struggled in the beginning of the year definitely.テつ When you start to struggle a bit, things in mind, doesn't help.テつ But since five weeks, it's better, making cuts, and then this week is obviously much better.テつ And yeah, I don't know why.

Q.テつ You've gone to the Kuchar putting method.テつ How much of a difference has that made?
GREGORY HAVRET:テつ Since I've used that putter, which is obviously a great putter, I didn't miss a cut yet, and my results are definitely better.テつ My game is better for sure and my driving stats are really good.テつ But the putting changed a lot since a month and a half now, so I don't want to talk too quick.テつ I feel definitely great with this technique.テつ Yeah, it will stay in my bag for a little while, that's for sure.

Q.テつ There's a fair chance you might have a playoff; how do you prepare yourself for that?
GREGORY HAVRET:テつ First of all, I'm going to give probably a couple of phone calls, probably be very happy for me.テつ It's been a hard time since a few months golf‑wise.テつ I'm getting married soon, so this is great, just before that.テつ So it's obviously the very, very first thing I will do and then go watch a bit on TV what's happening because there's a few boys out there that can still shoot a few birdies to finish.テつ But yeah, hopefully it's a strong finish.テつ 17 is a testing one.テつ You want to go for it; it's a smelly one, and 18 is definitely a strong hole.テつ Yeah, I will watch it on TV for sure.

Q.テつ Could be a great summer for you and France and the World Cup.
GREGORY HAVRET:テつ Definitely, yeah, France looks great.テつ Didn't look that great in the beginning of the year, as me.テつ I think they were great and yeah, they play tomorrow and I won't miss that one for sure.

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