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June 29, 2014

Gregory Havret


GREGORY HAVRET:テつ Definitely a good week.テつ Shame it was a slow start with 1‑under the first day, but the weekend was fantastic, 7‑, 5‑, and 6‑under.テつ I can't complain.テつ I pushed it hard.テつ I thought I had a chance on the first hole of the playoff obviously but they kill me just on the second one as they all make birdies, on such a hard hole.テつ 18 is a proper test.
So it's like that.テつ I definitely prefer this kind of situation compared to ball in the water or shot, put missed, like that.テつ It's a fight all the way and I finish runner‑up here in such a good event.テつ I just love it.
It's just great to play those BMW events.テつ They are fantastic with us and it's great on our tour to be part of this championship every year, and I really love it as well as Wentworth, also, BMW in Wentworth.テつ It's great stuff and I'm very happy.

Q.テつ It does hurt when you miss out and it certainly hurts when you miss in a playoff, but it's a different kind of feeling, isn't it, when you know you've gone so close in this fashion.
GREGORY HAVRET:テつ Yeah, definitely, you touch the thing, the Cup is around you and just four of you are fighting and you nearly touch it, but it's like that.テつ We all are great competitors I guess.テつ Henrik is No.2 in the world and Rafa Cabrera‑Bello is a great player, and Zanotti is so in form since a few weeks.
Luckily I reached that playoff after this disappointing first round, so I'm just happy.テつ That's the way it is.テつ It has to be like this.テつ Hopefully there will be more playoffs and why not more wins.

Q.テつ You mentioned form with Zanotti.テつ Your form hasn't been anything to shout about, but you're moving into the French Open finding something.
GREGORY HAVRET:テつ Yeah, definitely a slow start those first eight, nine events were definitely bad.テつ But since five weeks, it's getting definitely better, making the cuts, not great, but like the PGA and Spain, Sweden, struggled the weekend, cut last week, here, struggled the first one but three fantastic days after that.テつ So that's the way it is.テつ We can't complain.
We just have to keep the head up as much as possible, try to avoid those bad thinking, those bad talking in your mind and just keep on going and keep on working, and as I did this week, things happening sometimes.
So I just trust it and as you say, next week is a big event for us, French Open.テつ Alstom has been great sponsorship, too, and then Scotland, some spots for The Open, too, which is obviously a target, too.
So yeah, all the things makes me happy to play well at the moment and hopefully we'll keep on carry on.

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