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August 2, 2001

Scott McCarron


JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Thank you for joining us for a few minutes, no bogeys; and topped it off with an eagle on 17.

SCOTT McCARRON: Those eagles really help. I was in 16th or 17th place and you get an eagle, you vault past everyone into second place. It's amazing.

Q. Your length really paid off on a course like this. Can you use it to your advantage and how do you use the combination of the altitude?

SCOTT McCARRON: Certainly, the farther you hit it and the higher you hit it, the father it is going to go. If you get your irons in the air pretty high, you can add another 10 or 12 percent and the same with a driver. Like on 17, I had, oh, maybe 200 or 198 to the flag -- 204, actually and I hit 6-iron and we were right back and forth with 6-iron or 5-iron. I said if I hit 6-iron as high as I can, and it did. I moved to Reno three or four months ago and I am playing out of Montrose (ph). It has really helped me playing in altitude. Very similar type courses and I am getting used to the ball flying about ten percent farther.

Q. Take us through your round. I know you started off strong early on and then you gave a couple back on the front nine?

SCOTT McCARRON: I didn't get any back. I didn't make any bogeys today. I didn't make any bogeys Saturday, Sunday, at Quad Cities, either. So my last bogey I made was Friday at Quad Cities on the ninth hole. So I've been playing really solid and really consistent. I have not made as many birdies as I would have liked, obviously, but I've been playing some pretty good golf. Birdies, I birdied number 3, hit a drive down the left side. Hit pitching wedge down there about five feet and made that for birdie. Birdied No. 6. Hit a good drive and a pitching wedge to about eight feet just behind the pin and made that for birdie. Hit a really good 8-iron to the par 3, next hole, about four or five feet and made that for birdie. A little disappointing not birdieing any of the par 5's on front, but just kept plugging away. 11, I hit a good 8-iron down there about 15 feet and made that for birdie. Then just kind of plugged along. Made a bunch of pars. I hit it really close on 15 to about eight feet and made got really close on 16, the par 3; had a good shot in about six feet and missed that for birdie. So it was nice to hit a good drive on 17, and I hit 6-iron in there probably about eight or nine feet and made that for eagle.

Q. You've been using a long putter for quite a few years now, and this is more of a personal note here because I use one. Do you have any tips for guys -- what's your thought, your swing thought or your stroke thought, maybe for rolling the ball real well for that?

SCOTT McCARRON: Long putter for me comes very natural. I've been doing it since '91. So I don't really have any thoughts when I'm putting. And that's the best way to putt, just be focused on the target; see the target where you are going, feel the roll and that's it. I don't have any swing thoughts when I am putting at all.

Q. Sounds like you ran through your round -- it was not your putting, but ball-striking, that got you where you are?

SCOTT McCARRON: Both. You've got to make the putts to make the birdies, obviously. I putted well, missed a couple I would like to have back. I think I missed one fairway, and I don't know if I missed many greens at all, so I hit the ball pretty well. Very consistent.

Q. What do you think about the changes to the course this year?

SCOTT McCARRON: Well, I like the changes so far because we did not play the tee on 8. I think that tee on 8, he we should not play it. This is a tournament where you want us to be aggressive. You want you go to make birdies and eagles. You put a tee back on 8 like that, no one can get to the green. When I play here, I'm going for that green, almost every time, and seven years, I think I've hit the green once. So it's a very difficult shot, cutting it around the tree or getting it up over the tree; and if you have the tee back there, there's not many guys that are going to be able to go for it. We played the tee up today. I think the lake on 11 is beautiful. Definitely adds a little bit to that. Then the change on 14, we played the up tee today, which I think is a good change. We play that back tee again, I think it's a bad change. Very difficult lay -up; and if you play the back tee, no one is going to be able to going for it. And we are all going to be laying up in the spots, either right below short of that creek or you can put something in front of the creek. And by the end of the week the front of that creek will look like a bunker because there will be so many divots out there. I think the changes are good, as long as we play the tees up just a little bit, to at least get a chance to at least go for it.

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