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June 28, 2014

Richard Green


RICHARD GREEN:テつ It's always nice when you get it going and a score comes off like that.テつ It's what we strive for every day and it's a fantastic feeling.

Q.テつ Making it look easy.
RICHARD GREEN: テつMakes you think, what's all the stress about.テつ Just go out there and knock it in the hole, but sure enough, they took a while to sort of get going this week, and the putts just started to go in today.テつ Just got to try and stick in there tomorrow.

Q.テつ Did it help that we had the rain yesterday evening and overnight, soften the greens overnight?
RICHARD GREEN:テつ Yeah, definitely.テつ Compared to Thursday afternoon when I played, it's a totally different golf course really.テつ The course was firm on Thursday afternoon, bouncy, and now all of a sudden it's target practice now.テつ So you can pretty much fly it at any pin and stop it right there.

Q.テつ You had a run of an eagle, four birdies, and then the storm intervened but then you went out and got another one.
RICHARD GREEN:テつ Yeah, it was nice.テつ I had already set that up prior to the siren going off and the weather delay.テつ Just had to make that 6‑foot putt afterwards and move on to 18.テつ It was probably nice to sit on that over the break.

Q.テつ You're standing here sheltered but do you have any indication of what it's going to be like for the guys that are just starting?
RICHARD GREEN:テつ I don't think it's going to be too demanding.テつ I mean, the guys out here are very good.テつ These conditions, it's not windy, it's not cold.テつ It just a little bit of light rain, and I think with the way the golf course is set up, I'd be surprised if someone else doesn't shoot a good score out there today.

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