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June 27, 2014

Brendan Steele


Q. You played so beautifully up in Cromwell at the Travelers Championship; and I saw you wearing out the putting green on Wednesday; and I saw you leave the golf course a little frustrated on Thursday. What was the turnaround?
BRENDAN STEELE: I felt like I hit a lot of good putts yesterday but I wasn't matching up the line and the speed. It's hard to hit it that close out here because you've got a lot of long clubs. You don't always have days where you roll in 15- to 20-footers. If you're just a little off, you're going to be a little frustrated.

Q. How committed are you to the standard putter as opposed to the belly putter, because it's been a recent switch. Do you miss a couple and think, I could have made that with the belly putter or are you committed?
BRENDAN STEELE: I've been committed and I've been happy with it even when I've been a little cold. I've had success with it the last few rounds that even if I do miss a few, it's not a disaster. I did that with the belly putter, too. So it's not like I was at the top of all the statistics with the belly putter, so I'm happy with it.

Q. Seems like your ball-striking has been solid.
BRENDAN STEELE: Ball-striking has been good. I've been happy with my whole game for a while now but just starting to put it together the last couple weeks.

Q. You went late/early. Did the golf course change overnight?
BRENDAN STEELE: It was a lot easier this morning to me. It was tough yesterday afternoon. It was blowing yesterday afternoon and that makes this place really a beast.

Q. You'll have a late tee time on Saturday. Getting used to it?
BRENDAN STEELE: Yeah, it feels good. It's nice.

Q. What did you do well today?
BRENDAN STEELE: I hit a lot of good iron shots today. Was able to hit it close and take advantage of some good tee shots but really controlled the distance well and hit a lot of shots really close which is kind of tough to do out here.

Q. Do you feel like this course this week is a fair test?
BRENDAN STEELE: Very fair test, yeah. It's long, it's a bear, the rough is pretty thick. The greens provide a lot of problems with some slopes. That being said, if you don't drive it straight off the tee, you can still recover and get it up around the green. You're not dropping or re-teeing or any of that kind of stuff so I think that makes it fair.

Q. Seems like beautiful weather and a benign place, but a tough course with the rough especially.
BRENDAN STEELE: The rough is tough, and you can get it back in play out of there. There's not a ton of water out there so you can do that, but you're not going to be able to control the ball as well as you can from the fairway.

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