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June 26, 2014

Aaron Gordon


THE MODERATOR:  Aaron, if you could just start opening comments, feelings about going to Orlando.
AARON GORDON:  I've been waiting for this day all my life, literally all my life.  I played basketball all my life.  This was my biggest aspiration.  Not my biggest, but one of the few biggest aspirations that I've ever had is to play in the NBA and compete against the highest level.
To do it in Orlando means a lot, man.  I'm very happy.  I couldn't be happier.

Q.  Aaron, congratulations.  Talk about the young talent Tobias Harris and Victor Oladipo and Nikola Vucevic.  How are you looking to grow with that group and maybe make the playoffs next year?
AARON GORDON:¬† It makes it easy for me because Victor Oladipo and Tobias Harris, they're both good pros already.¬† They're young, and we can grow together.¬† Very gritty, hard‑working people.¬† That's who I am.¬† I couldn't be happier to be playing with them, man.¬† I really couldn't be.

Q.  When did you realize that it was Orlando, and were you surprised?
AARON GORDON:¬† Yeah, I was.¬† I learned probably‑‑ Andrew's my agent.¬† He told me probably five minutes before they called my name.¬† Five minutes before the clock started counting down.
I worked out pretty well when I was in Orlando.  I felt good about it.  I met with Coach Vaughn.  I met with Rob Hennigan, Scott Perry, a couple other guys.  And it just clicked, man, it really clicked.

Q.  Did you have a feeling you were going to be chosen with the Magic because that suit is the exact blue they wear?

Q.  It's close.
AARON GORDON:  It is close, but I really came in today having no idea.  The anxiety and the anticipation was all there.  I just happened to like this color.

Q.  You played in Tucson.  Orlando is kind of like Tucson, except a lot more humidity, no cold weather.  Did your agent tell you you lucked out because there's no state income tax in Florida?  You may have been the biggest winner here so far.
AARON GORDON:  My sister was the first one that brought that up to me.

Q.  Was she an accounting manager?
AARON GORDON:  No, she just graduated from Harvard.  So she's a smart girl.

Q.  I'm proud of her.
AARON GORDON:  That's my manager.  That's who's going to be living with me out there.

Q.  Business school or undergrad?
AARON GORDON:  Undergrad.

Q.  What about the workout clicked with Orlando?  I know you said yesterday you thought you might go 4 to 8.  How strongly did you feel it could be Orlando?
AARON GORDON:¬† Pretty strongly, but when I got in a one‑on‑one circumstance with all the teams 4 to 8, I thought I did very well.¬† I showed them things that maybe they previously didn't think I could do.
When I got to Orlando, they just liked my game.  They liked my skill set.  They know how hard I worked, and I'm going to continue to do that.  What I've done to get myself here will never fade away.  That's who I am.  Everything else, I'm just going to start adding on and continue adding on.

Q.  Aaron, first of all, welcome to Central Florida.  How much of the Orlando Magic have you seen, and what do you bring to that roster?
AARON GORDON:  I haven't seen a whole lot, not a whole lot.  I was very focused on college basketball this past year.  I wasn't even watching a lot of the NBA.
So I started watching recently.  I've been on Synergy and stuff like that, but I know they're a very young talented team.  I know with a few missing pieces or a few pieces, we could be very good.

Q.  What do you bring to the team?
AARON GORDON:  I bring energy.  I bring defense.  I bring a mismatch problem, and I just bring a high character teammate.

Q.  Congratulations.
AARON GORDON:  Thank you, man.

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