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June 26, 2014

Henrik Stenson


Q.  68, before we get into the score, how is the hayfever?
HENRIK STENSON:  This is probably one of the worst places if you are suffering from hayfever.  I think Victor and I were the ones that were struggling in the group, and it was the first for me, couldn't hit a shot on the 12th.  He hit it left and had to drop in the rough and his caddie came up and said, you guys go ahead, he can't stop sneezing so he can't play.  I've never had that.  It was bad with the hayfever out there.
Golfing‑wise, it was not great but not poor.  Managed not to drop a shot today, and, you know, that's always something.

Q.  13, the 5‑iron out of a divot, that was pretty special, wasn't it?
HENRIK STENSON:  Yeah, that was the shot of the round for sure.  That was a nice one and set up a short eagle putt and put me in a decent score and managed to save myself on 14 and made another birdie on 15.  So overall, I think I'll take that.  I didn't play great but I didn't do any big mistakes, either.
So overall, half decent.

Q.  We know you can play golf, but what does a top player like you do tonight?
HENRIK STENSON:  I'm going to the range now and then I'm going to stay here and have dinner with the family.  They are out this week.  So try and keep the kids in order and go back, watch a bit of football and then we are up early tomorrow.  So it's just another easy 12‑hour day.

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