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June 26, 2014

Martin Kaymer


Q.  First round back after safely tucking away another major.  How did it feel?
MARTIN KAYMER:  It was a tough day for me on the greens.  It was very, very playable today.  I think it was best conditions you can get here, but I didn't make many putts, especially the last five holes, while was on the green, it was probably the worst I can do and unfortunately I couldn't make any putts coming in.

Q.  Are you a fan of poa annua grass?
MARTIN KAYMER:  No.  Those greens look good but they are very tough to putt on.  I don't see much break and then they break and then I see a little more break and they are straight.  I really struggle on the greens.  I did two years ago and it hasn't changed.

Q.  Let's talk about the crowd.  You showed up here today as U.S. Open Champion and they supported you.  Did you feel the support out there from your local crowd?
MARTIN KAYMER:  Yeah, I mean, we did it three years ago when I came here, there was a lot of support and this year there was more.  I was a little surprised on the front nine.  Even though it was 7.30 in the morning, there was quite a lot of people out there and I think tomorrow when we play in the afternoon, it's going to be full.

Q.  So what do you do now?  Do you go to the range or putting green or your local club and have a sandwich or what do you do?
MARTIN KAYMER:  After you let me go, I will eat a little bit, talk a little bit more, sign a little bit more for HUGO BOSS, we have a little autograph session and then I'm free.

Q.  Firstly, many congratulations on the U.S. Open win.  Has it sunk in yet?
MARTIN KAYMER:  Yeah, I had a few days off after that.  I spent a few days more in America and then I came back home, and I could reflect on it fairly quick.  So it wasn't as tiring as the first major that I had in 2010.  So it was quite nice to reflect and realize it right away.

Q.  How difficult is it coming to play here now, because there must be an awful lot on your plate?
MARTIN KAYMER:  The expectations from a lot of people, there are so many people that came out and expect you to play well and they expect you to play at least as good as two weeks ago.  That's the way Germans are.  But you have to lower your expectations.  It's quite difficult.  I had very long weeks the last two months, especially starting from the Masters, I played a lot of golf, and then I had a couple of big wins in between.  So it was very difficult to keep your energy level up.
But, you know, it's nice to play here.  But at the same time, it's quite exhausting.  There's a lot to do.

Q.  You had trouble two years ago.  Is it perhaps a course that doesn't entirely suit your eye or the greens could be a problem?
MARTIN KAYMER:  It's not my favorite golf course in the world.  I struggle to see a lot of shots, which is okay, you can play with that.  But biggest problem I have is to make the putts.  I gave myself enough chances but then I thought I hit some good putts today but they just don't go in.  I hit a lot of lips and so it's quite tough to get the momentum.  I did make a couple birdies, or three birdies in a row on 1,2 and 3 but I couldn't really light it up on the back nine and unfortunately putts didn't drop.

Q.  There's a soccer match later on tonight.  Are you going to watch that?
MARTIN KAYMER:  Yeah, definitely.  I've watched a lot of the World Cup games even when Germany is not playing.  Today is a big match.  The German coach, he's coaching the U.S. Team and he was our coach in 2006, so it will be a very exciting game.  It's an important game for both countries.

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