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June 26, 2014

Anders Hansen


ANDERS HANSEN:  It was good.  The conditions were awesome this morning.  It's almost like playing indoors.  A little bit of breeze and felt like it was going all over the place.  The fact is there wasn't much so the conditions were excellent.  The greens is good.  The course is playing great.
So you know, you can't really‑‑ you hope for good scores.  It's a great start.

Q.  As always, you've got to treat a course with respect but it does look like there are low scores out there?
ANDERS HANSEN:  As I said this morning, with hardly any wind and the greens are perfect.  It's just the conditions are set up quite nicely.

Q.  Do you get that sense of progress in yourself at the moment?  Because there's a nice consistency and you're topping boards and things like that.
ANDERS HANSEN:  There's been good play as of late.  I'm pretty pleased with that.  You're working hard on trying to improve things, and today I drove the ball extremely well, which made a huge difference, too.
That's very important in my game.  If I can drive the ball well, then I'm going to be okay.  If I'm not driving the ball well, it's going to be tough.

Q.  We said it time and time again but you never stop working at this game, do you.  You never can free‑wheel.
ANDERS HANSEN:  Would have been nice if you could but it's never going to happen, is it.  The game is difficult.  The game, one day you think you have it and the next day you go out and shoot not so good a score and you're not playing well.  It just never stops.  It's human nature.  We are not machines.

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