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June 26, 2014

Danny Willett


DANNY WILLETT:  Played very good today.  That was one of them days, we rolled a few nice ones in.  Didn't make any mistakes.  Hit it relatively close.  There was a score out there and luckily we took it.

Q.  Do you feel as secure as you look?  Looks like there weren't any problems, not in Ireland and not here.
DANNY WILLETT:  Yeah, I've been saying it all year, we've played good. We haven't missed a cut all year.  Had to pull out of two events with a bad back, but we are playing some good golf.  Working really hard on the greens and it's starting to pay off nicely.
Like I said, you can turn average rounds into great rounds quite quickly when you hole a few nice putts.

Q.  How was it stepping back through those gates?
DANNY WILLETT:¬† It was good.¬† It's always nice.¬† Hopefully there's many more to come on different courses around the world.¬† It was good and nice to come back.¬† We didn't play the Pro‑Am, because we had to pull out of that with the neck, but we walked it, and you remember where you hit shots from and did certain things from.¬† You look back and say, I don't want to hit it certain places where you did.
It's nice to come back.  Today felt very easy.  You kind of know your way around a bit more.

Q.  I appreciate you're in good form anyway, but stepping onto a place that you know so well with wonderful memories, presumably that helps?
DANNY WILLETT:¬† Yeah, it helps a little bit.¬† You still have to go out there and almost not‑‑ put too much pressure on yourself to play well because you know you've played well there before and all that stuff.¬† We were out there and relatively relaxed.
We had two warm‑ups just to make sure the neck was all right with my physio this morning, so we are just going to go into the physio again and hopefully it holds up all week.

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