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June 26, 2014

Alvaro Quiros


ALVARO QUIROS:  Well, it was a very good day.  Hitting the ball was very good, too.  If we consider the last two days that I spent in bed, it was a great day, yeah.

Q.  So how are you physically?
ALVARO QUIROS:  I'm still feeling inflamed with the glands and even the low back and the wrist, and in general, the neck.  It's a typical sore body if you want to call it when you are sick and you have kind of a flu.

Q.  You sound like walking wounded.  Were you thinking of maybe pulling out of the tournament?
ALVARO QUIROS:¬† Yeah, until this morning, I said‑‑ I advised, in fact, to The European Tour that maybe I'm not going to be able to play.¬† I will try to warm up today and see what happens.
I didn't have the fever that I have two nights ago, so that was a great help.  Obviously I'm pretty sure that the lovely weather that we have had today probably helps.

Q.  Nice and warm on the limbs so feels a bit more gentle somehow?
ALVARO QUIROS:  I'm completely sure it would be a different thing if it was cold and rainy because the body would feel it even more.  I'm pleased to be in the position I am and to start the tournament.

Q.  I know the cliché is beware the injured golfer.  Does that go through your mind, because it changes your approach to the game sometimes and you're thinking other things rather than worrying about your score.
ALVARO QUIROS:¬† About today, there is no doubt, I was just hoping to start the day and see what I can do.¬† And little by little, you know, the score and the shots were good enough to be in the green or around the green but in easy places to chip‑and‑putt when I missed the green, and so one birdie here, one birdie there, one good shot, one good putt and I was finally saving a great four on 18, too, for 6‑under.

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