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June 25, 2014

Naomi Broady


6/3, 6/2

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Did you enjoy that while it lasted, and did you just wish it had gone on a bit longer?
NAOMI BROADY:  I very much enjoyed it.  I very much didn't enjoy my tennis, but I very much enjoyed the experience.
I didn't quite make it to an hour, did I?  I think I looked up at the end and it was 59 minutes.
Yeah, it's frustrating I didn't play better, and I wish that it would have gone on longer.  But I loved every minute that I was out there for.

Q.  Was that a conscious decision to go sort of on the offensive?
NAOMI BROADY:  It was a bit of a rush that we were moved on to Court No. 1.  We were scheduled to play after Tsonga, and they're still going, I think.
So we weren't sure if we had been moved to Centre or 1, and then it was sort of, Oh, you're going to be on 1 literally now.
So I was only really half ready to get ready in five minutes to go on court.  So I was a little bit uncomposed at the start of the match, if that's a word.
So there was lots of errors on court today, but I'm always an aggressive player.  My game is to make lots of mistakes.  The better I get, the less I'll hit.
But I have to continue to play in that way.  I'm never going to be a defensive player.

Q.  Did you enjoy the sort of, how should we phrase it, appreciation from the crowd at times?
NAOMI BROADY:  Yeah, they were so interactive.  It was so much fun.  When you first go on you just sort of think, Please don't be love and love.
When I got the first game they were really cheering, and, yeah, they were so much fun.  I think they appreciated that she's the better player and I was just giving my best out there.
Yeah, really fun atmosphere.

Q.  Was the highlight the ace that you dedicated to you're new admirer?
NAOMI BROADY:  Yeah.  I was waiting for him to keep shouting that he loved me.  Maybe that's why I only hit about one today.

Q.  Five.
NAOMI BROADY:  Still not very good for me.

Q.  Perhaps it's my lip reading that's awry, but you seemed to say sorry to Caroline at the net at the end?
NAOMI BROADY:  I did.  I apologized for not giving her a very good match for her next round.
She's very sweet, such a nice girl inside and out.  She's been through a rough time recently, and I'm super happy for her to go through the next round.  Even if she had to beat me.  Damn her.

Q.  You're taking this very well.  Obviously you clearly would've wanted to win.  What can you learn from the overall experience of the two rounds?
NAOMI BROADY:  It's just given me a new drive.  Like I just want to go back ‑‑ you hear Serena say it all the time when she loses‑‑ but to play on Court No. 1, I've never played ‑‑ Court No. 2 was going to be by far the biggest court I've ever played on, and then they moved me to 1.
It was an amazing experience.  I want to play there again and I want to win on there.  I'm going to work even harder.  Hopefully if I come back next year ‑‑ I'm thinking now for US Open, like how can I get my game better for US Open to qualify and try and get on the big stadiums all the time.
It's just a completely different atmosphere to what I'm used to.  Yeah, just even deeper love for the game.

Q.  Will you look at a full time coach at any point?
NAOMI BROADY:  Yeah.  At some point I will, if anyone will put up with me.

Q.  Who do you need to do?  Is that a funding issue again?
NAOMI BROADY:  Well, so far it's been a funding issue.  I guess now it's the same for most players.  Now I've got the funds available from prize money here.
Now you find someone that you click with and that you work well with and see where we go from here.

Q.  Before the match, did you view her as a sort of potential scout given I guess her record in slams this you're has been slightly patchy?
NAOMI BROADY:  Caroline, I think she's the same age as me, but she's always been so much further ahead with her game that we've never crossed paths before on the court.
So I've got a lot of respect for her and her tennis, but, I mean, on a grass court, if I could hit my serve in, I can beat a lot of players.
So I think it was Ajla Tomljanovic who said at the French Open you have to respect everyone but fear no one.  Just go out there and do your best.

Q.  Do you feel like you got a lot off your chest on Monday after you spoke about the LTA funding?  Did that help you go into the game today sort of fearless?
NAOMI BROADY:  I feel like I'm completely unbothered by the whole situation.  It's more the press that's very much interested in it.
So I feel like because the whole situation has never been spoken about before, hopefully now it's been spoken about and everyone can move on.  I'm still very unbothered by it.

Q.  No develops on that front in the past 24 hours in the term of olive branches?
NAOMI BROADY:  I don't hate them as people.  They're a sport organization and I'm playing tennis.  I'm not going to waste my time by hating the LTA or anything like that.
Just getting on with my tennis and concentrating on myself.  I'm not going to lose focus of my tennis by focusing my hate on anybody else.  It's just they're not really relevant to my tennis.

Q.  What will the most important things be for you now to take the steps you want to?
NAOMI BROADY:  Work even harder again.  I've got new motivation, new desire.
You know, you've just got a taste of what it could be like.  The crowd was amazing today and I lost 3 and 2.  If you win that match, you can't imagine what it would be like.
Yeah, go out and work harder and hopefully come back next year and be put on big courts again and get a win.

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