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June 25, 2014

Fabio Fognini


2/6, 6/4, 7/6, 6/3

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ Your matches are always keenly anticipated.テつ Some of the best commentators on tennis always say that you have enormous talent and could go very far in the draw.
FABIO FOGNINI:テつ Thank you.

Q.テつ They say though that the one thing they worry about is your temper.テつ What is your reply to that?
FABIO FOGNINI:テつ You know what?テつ I think the important thing in our sport is that we won the match.
About that, for sure I have to keep improve my game.テつ Especially in the second, of course, my, how do you say, my mind about my tennis, because here it's always difficult to play because match is always tight.
It's really difficult.テつ But I'm happy, happy because today I start‑‑ I mean, first set was really bad.テつ On Monday I start really bad on first and second set.テつ I change something.テつ Of course was difficult to play, but I'm happy because I'm for the second time third round.
I mean, I just play exhibition before here, so happy to be in third round and play on Friday against Anderson.
Going to be really difficult.

Q.テつ Can I ask if you've been told by the ITF what your fine is for the outburst on Monday?
FABIO FOGNINI: テつWhat are you talking about?

Q.テつ Your fines for the...
FABIO FOGNINI:テつ Maybe you have to ask to Italian press.テつ They're really curious about that.テつ At the moment I don't care about that.テつ I'm focused on the tournament.
Once I finish here, if you are curious or you want to know something, I will let you know.テつ I have no problem.

Q.テつ What were your disputes in the first match?テつ There was a little bit with the supervisor today, but in the first match you were getting very animated and saying you were going to break racquets.
FABIO FOGNINI:テつ We talking about Monday?テつ We talking about Roland Garros?テつ You want to talk about Australia?テつ I would like to talk about this match of today.

Q.テつ Okay.テつ The supervisor was...
FABIO FOGNINI:テつ I repeat:テつ I play bad tennis, especially in first two set; today also.
But if you want to talk about this match you can answer me another question.テつ If you want to talk about the past, I didn't answer you.

Q.テつ Today's match the supervisor was there before the first point.テつ Do you think it's fair to expect trouble from you?
FABIO FOGNINI:テつ No.テつ I ask him just a question, if it's normal for him repeat the point.テつ And that's it.テつ Nothing happened today.テつ I think I was not bad like every time that you say.

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