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June 25, 2014

Roberto Bautista Agut


7/5, 4/6, 6/2, 6/2

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  You play Andy next.  You've been training with him on the clay in Valencia.  Tell us about that and your relationship with Andy.
ROBERTO BAUTISTA AGUT:  My relationship is a little bit better with Danny because I know him from a long time.  He was practicing in Spain.  We had the chance to play each other.
With Andy it's well.  We are good friends.  I had the opportunity to practice with him in Valencia before Madrid because he came earlier to practice on clay.  We had a good time there.
We also practice before Madrid.  That's it.

Q.  Did you know Andy when he was in Spain or not?

Q.  Your game seems to be well‑suited to grass as well as clay.  You won in Holland before here.  Have you adjusted your style of tennis to cope with the grass?
ROBERTO BAUTISTA AGUT:  Yeah, my shots can be good for the grass.  I feel well on grass.  I didn't grow up on grass, but always when I come here I try to enjoy and I try to play good here.  I feel well on grass.

Q.  You've had some excellent results this year and made a big climb in the rankings.  What has been the difference for you?
ROBERTO BAUTISTA AGUT:  The difference is I won really good matches at the start of the season and I got a lot of confidence.  My body is healthy.  The last year was not healthy.
My body is feeling well.  I feel fit.  This is one of the big reason that I keep continue playing matches and winning matches.

Q.  You play very well on clay.  That's probably your best surface.  Are you surprised your first title came on grass?
ROBERTO BAUTISTA AGUT:  We don't have grass courts in Spain.  I was practicing on clay before go to Netherlands.
I grew up on clay, no?  We don't have grass courts.  How you said, I like to play from baseline like every Spanish player.  I like to play more on slow courts.
But I feel good on grass also.

Q.  You played a big occasion by winning in Holland.  This will be a big occasion.  Do you think you're a big occasion player?
ROBERTO BAUTISTA AGUT:  I think I play well in the big matches this year.  I would like to play the same in the next round against Andy.

Q.  The crowd will be very much for him.
ROBERTO BAUTISTA AGUT:  That's normal.  He is at home.  It's normal that the crowd is going to be with him.

Q.  How important was the win over del Potro in Australia for you?
ROBERTO BAUTISTA AGUT:  Was very good for me to win this match because after this match I thought I could win every player.  Gave me a lot of confidence to start the season very well.

Q.  With all that confidence, do you go in with no fear playing Andy next?
ROBERTO BAUTISTA AGUT:  No, I'm not scared.  I will try to play my game.  I am winning a lot of matches.  I will try to be aggressive, to play my game.  I will try to enjoy to play with Andy here on grass.

Q.  When you've practiced with Andy, who came out on top?
ROBERTO BAUTISTA AGUT:  It was good.  It was good.  We had few chances to practice together and we talk about football.  We just enjoy the practice.

Q.  Am I right in saying that you played for Villarreal when you were younger?
ROBERTO BAUTISTA AGUT:  Yeah, I was playing soccer when I was young.  I was playing there.

Q.  Why did you stop?
ROBERTO BAUTISTA AGUT:  Because I couldn't continue with both sports.  I had to take tennis.

Q.  Might you have been a professional footballer?

Q.  Was that a hard decision?

Q.  What was the main reason you chose tennis?
ROBERTO BAUTISTA AGUT:  Because was not easy to change from a small field to a big field.  When you are 12, 13 in Spain you change.  I had to change my friends on the team.  I was playing with the people one year older than me and was not easy.  I was not feeling well with this team.
With tennis I was enjoying.  I was playing good.  I had to take one sport.

Q.  Are all the Spanish players pretty close friends?
ROBERTO BAUTISTA AGUT:  Yes, we enjoy a lot.  In the locker we are a lot of Spanish players.  We are always talking.  We are always making fun.  We have a lot of players for practice.  That's very important for us.
As you said, we are a lot on the top hundred.

Q.  What areas of your game do you see as strengths that you might be able to test Andy?
ROBERTO BAUTISTA AGUT:  In the next match, I don't want to think on Andy, no?  I just want to think on me.  Obviously Andy won here last year and he is especially much better on grass.
I just want to enjoy the match, play my game.  During the match I will be testing how is going.

Q.  For people who don't necessarily know your game, how would you describe your game, the strong points?
ROBERTO BAUTISTA AGUT:  I feel good playing from baseline.  I have good returns.  I feel well physically.  I feel good on the long matches.

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