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June 25, 2014

Na Li


N. LI/Y. Meusburger
6/2, 6/2

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  On a scale of 1 to 10 today, how would you describe your game?  Good or very good?
NA LI:  Can be better.  Can be bad.  You never know.
But I was really happy the way I was hit the ball right now on the court.

Q.  Do you see yourself going all the way to the finals?
NA LI:  Easy to say, tough to do.  You know, this is tennis.  You are pretty easy to think about second week.  But for me, if I want to push myself, at least I have to win another match and to come to the second week and then to think about.

Q.  The first set of your first round was shaky.  Since then do you feel calmer, more comfortable?
NA LI:  I think second round was better because at least I already have one match.
First round I already have one month didn't play any match before, so was little bit, how you say, didn't know what happen on the court.  But second match you know which way you hit the ball, what happen, how's it going.

Q.  You have a journalism degree?
NA LI:  You are right.

Q.  Do you ever sit up there and think about if you were sitting here you'd ask better questions?
NA LI:  You know, for my dream after retire, I want be housewife.  So I don't think I have chance to ask the question, you know, for other athlete.

Q.  Do you have a burning desire to be a journalist after you get done?
NA LI:  Actually before I come to learn, I want to know what happen.  Because before I didn't have good communication with some journalists.  I don't know what happen.  But after I think this is about personality.  It's not only about how is the university.
Because some journalists, they will ask the question pretty I don't know.  I don't know how to answer.

Q.  Were you a little concerned about the number of unforced errors you made today, 21 I think?
NA LI:  But I hit a lot of winner, right?

Q.  You had 33 winners.  But 21 is a lot of unforced errors from you.
NA LI:  If you want to play more aggressive, this is the normal way.  If you play defense, of course you will less mistake, but you can have a lot of winner.

Q.  Did you ever feel it was a cause for concern that you were missing the lines as often as you hit them?
NA LI:  Maybe if I know before, I would hit on that line.  But you never know.
So, yeah, this is also the way I can improve myself a little bit to on score.

Q.  What are your thoughts about being the No. 2 seed but being put on the outer courts?
NA LI:  I like to be the first match.  Yesterday they showed the Centre Court and Court1, the schedule on the TV.  I say, Go call the schedule.  Maybe I was play first, at 11:30.
I love to be the first match.  You don't have to wait.  If they put you in like fourth or last match, you have to wait for the match.  Whole day you couldn't do anything.

Q.  Doesn't bother you to be on a smaller court?
NA LI:  No.  Doesn't matter.  I like to be first.

Q.  Does that change your routine if you're playing first rather than if you were put on at 3:00 in the afternoon?
NA LI:  For personality, I would prefer the first one.  But if they put me like not before 3:00 or third match, I will follow the schedule, is no problem for me.

Q.  Is there anybody you would not like to meet before the finals?  Anybody that worries you or scares you?
NA LI:  I cannot change that, you know.  If I didn't like or I like, I cannot change the draw.  I have to follow the draw.

Q.  Doesn't worry you who you meet?
NA LI:  If you want to be the champion, you have to meet everyone.

Q.  You're having more fun with Carlos as your coach and your husband kind of along?  Is that easier for you?
NA LI:  Yeah, much, much easier.  The husband as the coach is very tough to find balance between, yeah.

Q.  Has he stopped snoring?
NA LI:  Getting better, yeah.

Q.  You play Barbora Zahlavova Strycova next.  Do you have thoughts on that match?
NA LI:  I think the last time we meet was like in the clay court.  I know she was pretty smart player.  Pretty flat.  I think it's good for her to play on the grass court.
For me, I think I just play my game, play more aggressive, as much as I can come to the net, follow the plan, yeah.

Q.  Which is your favorite, grass or clay?
NA LI:  Hard court (laughter).

Q.  Grass not at all, not interested in grass?
NA LI:  Every court is interesting for me because I have to play every court.

Q.  But hard court is for you?
NA LI:  For us, eight month a year we play in hard court.  But no grass, only one month.  Is pretty short time for us.

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