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June 25, 2014

Kurumi Nara


7/6, 6/1

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  How bad was your injury today?
KURUMI NARA:  I just feeling like pull the muscle.  So it's no serious like injury, but I feel pain during the match.

Q.  How was the match for you?  Did you feel you were in there and you might have won it but for the injury?
KURUMI NARA:  No, I feel very well today.  I could have play my best play.
It's not for injury.

Q.  What about Venus?  A very big star, a big name.  What was it like today being out there at Wimbledon with Venus?
KURUMI NARA:  Yeah, it's very special for me because I saw the Venus like when I was a child.
So it's very happy to play with her, so...
Yeah, it's very excited.

Q.  She's very big and you're very small.
KURUMI NARA:  Yes.  I feel like today her serve very good, forehand.
Yeah, she play very well.

Q.  How did you find facing the serve?
KURUMI NARA:  Yeah, she serve very fast.  But I try to play like more good return and moving.  I could play very well today, but...

Q.  Did you feel having won the first three games you should have gone on to win the first set?
KURUMI NARA:  Yeah, I want to take first set.  I mean, first three games maybe Venus lot of mistakes, so...

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