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June 25, 2014

Marcel Siem


Q.  How are you doing, "Dad"?  Should you even be here?
MARCEL SIEM:  Very good question.  I have to be here, and my wife said, the kid is healthy, she's healthy, so go on and win this tournament for us.  She's supporting me a lot.  So I'm very happy and lucky to have a wife like that, and it's all good.  I'm feeling great actually, a little tired.

Q.  Everything's gone well?
MARCEL SIEM:¬† Fantastic, yeah.¬† I got the baby because we had a C‑section, and she had to get stitched and stuff like that, so I got the baby fresh out of the oven, so to say, onto my chest.¬† That was fantastic.¬† It was the best feeling ever.

Q.  Presumably your mind is in another place.  Are you ready to play golf?  Are you ready to work?
MARCEL SIEM:¬† Today I wasn't to be honest.¬† I was just‑‑ felt like I was flying over the golf course.¬† Wasn't really concentrated and I'm a little tired, as well, but we'll be all right.¬† We'll be all right.
It was two hard weeks, U.S. Open and Ireland, and I need some rest, that's the only thing.  I'm going to have a big nap this afternoon and I will be all right tomorrow.

Q.  And everything has been planned, because as we said in Ireland, this is important to you; France next week important to you, as well.
MARCEL SIEM:  Yeah, big time.  My wife said, the kid is healthy, go on, no problem to play the next two weeks.  After that, depends if I qualify for The Open.  If I get the job done this week or next week, I might skip Scotland and just play the Open and then I have three weeks off after that.
So it will be quality time for my whole family.

Q.  I have to ask you about Gut Lärchenhof, how is it?
MARCEL SIEM:¬† It's nice and juicy on the fairways and rough, and the greens are firmer than usual, which is good.¬† I think it's a good test and the wind is up already.¬† I think I shot 2‑under today, and it felt tough to me, definitely tougher than usual, and I think it's a great setup.¬† It's going to be a good week.

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