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June 24, 2014

Andrea Petkovic


6/1, 6/4

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ You were the quickest winner of the day today.

Q.テつ On grass, which is not your favorite.

Q.テつ How are you feeling on this stuff this year?
ANDREA PETKOVIC:テつ Not that bad actually.テつ I think I have improved a lot and I really tried a few things.テつ Actually played serve and volley once today, or twice maybe.テつ I'm not sure.
So I'm just trying, with a more positive attitude, to improve things.テつ And I'm feeling good actually on grass.テつ I am moving much better than the past years, so we'll see.
As I said, it's never going to be my favorite surface, but I'm trying to adapt as good as I can and trying to do the best that I can.
I think it's slowly getting better.テつ Also already last year was much better than years before.テつ I think this year is also a little better.
I'm looking forward to another grass court match here.

Q.テつ How much of that is a function of your success in Paris that you come in with that kind of attitude?
ANDREA PETKOVIC:テつ Yeah, well, I've been definitely more relaxed already after Charleston, after the title in Charleston, just because I'm not constantly doubting myself as a tennis player in general anymore.
I'm just more secure with myself.テつ So when I lose a few matches, I don't really necessarily lose my head over that.
But also, yeah, I just, obviously after such a great success, I was kind of in a euphoria.テつ So when I transferred to grass, I didn't even think about that I was hitting the balls a little bit later than usual.テつ I just kept going.
Maybe the first two days that are weird on grass, I just sailed through them on the French Open ship, I hope.

Q.テつ It must feel fantastic that you are so clearly coming back to your best again.テつ Top 20.テつ How exciting is it?
ANDREA PETKOVIC:テつ It's very exciting.テつ The nice thing after all my injuries is that I learned to appreciate it much more and enjoy the nice moments much more.
Before when I was in the top 10 and playing the quarterfinals of the Grand Slams, I was sort of caught up in trying to get better and getting more points and getting higher in the ranking ‑ which is important to stay hungry and trying to get better as a tennis player.テつ But you shouldn't forget to enjoy the nice things you have achieved and to really appreciate everything that's happening to you.
Now that I've embraced this second chance I've gotten, I feel much happier with being a tennis player.テつ I'm much more grateful for everything that has happened to me.

Q.テつ Did you come really close to quitting?
ANDREA PETKOVIC:テつ Yeah, one year ago when I lost in French Open second round quallies I was really considering it.テつ Before it never really crossed my mind, even throughout the injuries.
But there was a moment where I didn't enjoy tennis anymore, and I just had so much expectations of myself and I put so much pressure on myself.
But also, I just felt that I wasn't as good as a tennis player as I was before my injuries.テつ I couldn't accept that at that moment.テつ I wasn't ‑‑

Q.テつ You don't think that now.
ANDREA PETKOVIC:テつ I don't think that now anymore.テつ I know that I still have a lot of things to improve and that I am nowhere near my best, near my top, but I don't think that I'm not able to get back to where I was anymore.
And last year‑‑ that's why I wanted‑‑ I really considered quitting.テつ Last year I wasn't sure if I could get back to where I was before, and I wasn't ready or I'm not ready to be just an average tennis player.
That might sound cocky I know that.テつ But for me, it's just not what I aspired to be in tennis.テつ It's not fun for me and it doesn't make me happy.テつ I want to be in the top 20.

Q.テつ No moon walking anymore?
ANDREA PETKOVIC:テつ No, no.テつ I guess I've matured.

Q.テつ Was there a point where that did stop?テつ Have I missed it, or...
ANDREA PETKOVIC:テつ I stopped it I think‑‑ I'm actually not so sure.テつ Actually, I tried to stop it a lot of times, but then the fans kept screaming for it.
I'm not a good no‑sayer, you know.テつ I don't know if that's a word even, but I'm not good at saying no to people.
So I had to really learn to say, Okay, I'm quitting now.テつ I'm done with that.テつ It's over.テつ Because it wasn't as spontaneous as it was before.

Q.テつ Who designed your clothes today?
ANDREA PETKOVIC:テつ Stella McCartney.

Q.テつ Because I am British can I ask you what you think about Mauresmo coaching Andy Murray?
ANDREA PETKOVIC:テつ I think it's great for women in general, and I think it's going to be good for Andy as well.テつ I think Andy is a very well‑grounded young man and I think he has a great background of family.
I think he made a choice that is probably good for him.テつ I'm not in his shoes, but I think he knows what's best for him.テつ I think for women in general and for feminism it's great.

Q.テつ You watching much of the World Cup?
ANDREA PETKOVIC:テつ If I'm watching the World Cup?テつ I'm a big USA fan.テつ And not because of USA at all‑‑ sorry‑‑ just because I think‑‑ because I like Klinsmann, obviously.テつ And just because I think they don't know what they're really doing, but they are fighting.テつ Are physically so strong.
So I don't know.テつ I just watched the whole game against ‑‑ who was it?

Q.テつ Portugal.
ANDREA PETKOVIC:テつ Yeah, against Portugal, and it was so exciting.テつ So I don't know.テつ Sometimes you just don't know what happens and all of a sudden your heart is lost for one team.テつ But obviously I want Germany to win.

Q.テつ I was going to say, you're not rooting for the USA against Germany.
ANDREA PETKOVIC:テつ No, I want a tie.

Q.テつ So you're ignorance is bliss for the U.S.?テつ That they don't know...
ANDREA PETKOVIC:テつ Well, for example, it was 86 minutes and they have 2‑1.テつ You know, ever other team that grew up with soccer or football would just pass the ball back and forth and try to get over with the four minutes.
But no, they were like, Oh, let's try to get another goal in the last four minutes, and running two against four defenders of Portugal, against the goal, losing the ball, and getting the 2‑All.
I just couldn't‑‑ we in Germany, as we grew up with soccer, for us it's just so not understandable.
But I like that.テつ You know, something different.テつ That was refreshing.

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