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June 22, 2014

Aaron Baddeley


Q.テつ Talk about how you feel after this tournament.テつ You played well, but somebody ran off seven birdies in a row to beat you?
AARON BADDELEY:テつ Yeah, to make seven birdies in a row, especially on the last round on the back 9 is very, very impressive, you know.テつ Streel's a good friend of mine, so I'm super happy for him.テつ One reason he hasn't played as well this year and he would like to have a win here for him.テつ It's great for him.
For me, it was close and I just didn't quite hit some good shots on that back side there.テつ But I was happy overall with the week.テつ You know, I played very, very good, so just take a lot of confidence.

Q.テつ You actually had yourself a lead.テつ You got yourself in good shape.テつ What were you thinking at that point when you got to 14?
AARON BADDELEY:テつ 14, I was just trying to just make‑‑ just sort of keep making birdies, you know.テつ I had just miss‑hit the wedge a little bit on 11 and came up a yard short in the bunker and it was a tough up‑and‑down there.テつ But made a good putt on 13 for birdie and gave myself chances.
Just on that last hole, just missed the fairway and had the worst lie of the week.テつ I mean I couldn't even get it to the green.テつ It was just a terrible lie.

Q.テつ Is that one of those things that you knew you had to get birdie, a little extra pressure?
AARON BADDELEY:テつ You had to hit the fairway.テつ You know, like that pin I was really just trying to hit the fairway because from the fairway you can be aggressive, and I knew I was going to have a sand wedge in.テつ So there's a point not to have a chance on the last.

Q.テつ It's not often that a guy runs off seven birdies in a row.
AARON BADDELEY:テつ No.テつ Absolutely.テつ I mean like I said, that's very impressive to make seven birdies in the last seven holes of a golf tournament to win by one.テつ I mean that's impressive, you know.

Q.テつ You liked your week, though, overall?
AARON BADDELEY:テつ Overall, very pleased.テつ Obviously this year has been a year that I haven't played as well as I would have hoped.テつ But feel like these last few months I've been close to playing really good.テつ I think this week I showed where my game's at and where it's heading.テつ I feel like I'm really close to having a win and playing really good.

Q.テつ When you hit that tee ball on 18, do you know it's in trouble?テつ I mean probably not as much trouble as you thought it would be.
AARON BADDELEY:テつ I just thought it was going to be in the rough, just sort of hard to get close.テつ Thought it just would be 20, 30 feet past the hole if I hit a nice shot.
Then I got up there and I was like, the ball is here.テつ I couldn't even see it.テつ So it was the worst lie of the week, but just had to hit the fairway.

Q.テつ Did you start scoreboard watching on the back 9?
AARON BADDELEY:テつ I saw it when‑‑ saw it walking to 10, knew I was like one in front.テつ So I was just trying to keep playing the way I was playing, and unfortunately just made a couple of bogeys just there.テつ And didn't hit that poor of shots, though.テつ Just slightly off, you know.
But at the last gave myself a chance making a great birdie on 17, hitting it to like two or three feet there.テつ Like I said, overall, great week.

Q.テつ Were you surprised to see Streelman's name pop up on the board, because he was kind of a little bit back?
AARON BADDELEY:テつ Yeah.テつ I knew he was back starting the day, but this is the sort of course where you can get it going.テつ And then I heard the roar on 18 and I was like I bet that's Streels.テつ I looked at the board and I was like, Streels had seven birdies in a row.テつ I was like, that's impressive.テつ So I knew on 16 I was trying to make that 30‑footer for birdie and just missed it.テつ And then made a good birdie on 17 and yeah, just not quite at the last.

Q.テつ No one's ever birdied seven holes to finish to win before.
AARON BADDELEY:テつ There you go.テつ That's pretty impressive.

Q.テつ So wouldn't you know you'd happen to be playing in that tournament.
AARON BADDELEY:テつ Yeah.テつ Like I said, it was great.テつ Streels is a good friend of mine. テつHe's a fellow Christian, and it's just great to see him doing well.テつ He's a good friend, and I'm very, very pleased for him.

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