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June 22, 2014

Brendan Steele


Q.テつ Happy with the way you played today, Brendan?
BRENDAN STEELE:テつ Yeah.テつ Very pleased.テつ Obviously didn't finish exactly how I wanted to the last three holes, but still able to make a good par on 17 and really on 18 after the tee shot.テつ So I gave myself a little bit of a chance to post a 13.

Q.テつ And great par save there at 17.テつ What happened at 16?テつ You missed it well right.
BRENDAN STEELE:テつ Yeah, I've been hitting my irons great all week, and we kind of got a bad number there for the shot that I wanted to play and it was either going to be a hard 8, which for me is a hook, which is not great, and I tried to chip the 7 and just didn't get real committed to it, and really, one of the only bad iron shots I hit for the whole week.

Q.テつ Did you have a number in mind when you came into today?
BRENDAN STEELE:テつ No, not really.テつ I mean I figured somewhere 14, 15 is probably where you need to be, but I was just trying to do the best I could.

Q. テつAnd stranger things have happened here.テつ Hang around, but well played this week.
BRENDAN STEELE:テつ Thank you.テつ Appreciate it.

Q.テつ How about the rotations on that ball?
BRENDAN STEELE:テつ Well, one, I think; right because rotation is like five and a half inches or so they tell me.テつ I don't know.
That was basically the putt I wanted to hit.テつ I wanted to give it a chance, but giving it a chance doesn't always mean that you hit it by the hole, because you hit it five or six feet by, that's not really giving it a chance.

Q.テつ Did you feel like it was in right after you hit it?
BRENDAN STEELE:テつ About six feet short.テつ I knew it was short.テつ I knew it wasn't going to quite creep.テつ I was hoping I was wrong, but I knew it wasn't going to quite get there.

Q.テつ When did you start watching the leaderboard and trying to figure out what you needed to do?
BRENDAN STEELE:テつ After I made eagle on 13, because I knew I was in decent shape, but I needed to do something spectacular on the way in, and the eagle on 13 got me kind of into shouting distance at least.

Q.テつ Do you think 12 is a number that's not going to cut it?
BRENDAN STEELE:テつ Probably not quite going to cut it.テつ Are the leaders still on 13 right now?テつ Because they're probably going to make birdie there, and there's chances to make birdie on 15 obviously.テつ But I tell you, 16, 17 and 18 are no bargain today.テつ With the greens being firm and trying to win a golf tournament, it's always tough.

Q.テつ When you look back, where will the frustration be or maybe you left something out there maybe?
BRENDAN STEELE:テつ Not a lot this week, because I did a much better job of being committed to every shot and going through my routine regardless of what was going on, which I haven't been doing very well over the course of the season.テつ So I'm really happy with everything that I did.

Q.テつ Putter going to stick in the bag for almost another week?
BRENDAN STEELE:テつ Putter will probably stay for another week, yeah.テつ I would think.

Q.テつ How about the week here at Cromwell, the fans and the support?
BRENDAN STEELE:テつ Yeah.テつ The support is fantastic at this tournament.テつ The tournament takes great care of the players, and the course is fantastic.テつ The weather is fantastic.テつ I mean everything was ideal this week.

Q.テつ How do you assess how you approach this tournament?テつ I mean getting the lead early?テつ How did you feel you handled everything that comes with that?
BRENDAN STEELE:テつ I was really happy with everything did.テつ This is the first event I've used a short putter on TOUR.テつ So to come out and have the lead was extra kind of attention and difficulty that I didn't know if I was ready for.テつ And to come down the stretch and hit as many good putts as I did trying to win the tournament, I'm really happy with it.

Q.テつ I know you don't think it will be enough, but where will you watch and what's the game plan for the next hour?
BRENDAN STEELE:テつ Yeah, yeah.テつ I'll hang out.テつ Keegan and I are flying down tonight down to D.C., but we'll hang out obviously until someone posts a 13.テつ Just hang out in the clubhouse.

Q.テつ Tell us about the putt on 17.
BRENDAN STEELE:テつ Yeah.テつ Yeah.テつ I mean first time I missed the fairway on 17 this week, and no chance really to get it over the water and if you get it over the water, you're probably making 5 anyway. テつSo we decided to lay up to a number, which I guess comes with age and experience out here because three years ago I probably wouldn't have done that.テつ And it was probably about a cup outside left from 10 or 12 feet, and I felt really good over it, hit it down the line.テつ Just wanted to make sure it had enough pace.

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