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June 22, 2014

Harris English


Q.テつ Talk about your round today.テつ The birdie at 16 kind of got you, you know, kind of got you up to 11 spot.テつ Did you think maybe you might be able to birdie the last couple and get yourself right there?
HARRIS ENGLISH:テつ Yeah, coming down the stretch I made a really good birdie on 12.テつ I was just off the fringe, just probably 25, 30 feet.テつ And once that went in, I was like, hey, I've got a par‑5 coming up, some birdie holes on the back 9 and hit a good 5‑iron on 13, two‑putted for birdie, gave myself a chance on 14.
15, hit a pretty good shot and it kicked left and went in the water, had a good up‑and‑down and made about an 8‑footer for par there.テつ And then chip‑in on 16 kind of kept the momentum going, and gave myself a chance on the back 9.テつ That's all you can ask for.

Q.テつ Was there a point during the round where you thought, I got a shot at this?
HARRIS ENGLISH:テつ Well, I struggled early.テつ I've not gotten off to the best start on the front nine, and I think I was one or 2‑over again.テつ Made a good birdie on 6, made a good up‑and‑down on 7, so I really made some good saves.
Didn't really happen on the front nine and turned on the back 9 I knew there was some birdie holes and gave myself an opportunity.

Q.テつ Do you feel like you left any shots out there?
HARRIS ENGLISH:テつ You always feel like you left shots, but that's what I practice my 10‑footers a lot for.テつ When things aren't going good, you're going to have a lot of those putts for par, and sometimes birdie.
But I'm very pleased with the week.テつ Obviously didn't have the day I wanted to yesterday and kind of shot myself out of contention for the most part, but felt like I had a strong round today and it was good to get those butterflies going again.

Q.テつ What do you think of the atmosphere out here today?
HARRIS ENGLISH:テつ It's awesome, got so many people out here having a good time, some guys cheering for you, yelling for you, so it's really cool.

Q.テつ You were right in the thick of things headed into that third round.テつ You shoot the 72.テつ How did you regroup and what's the game plan at that point?テつ What did you think you had to do today to get in the conversation?
HARRIS ENGLISH:テつ Yeah.テつ Yesterday I felt like I hit it pretty good.テつ I didn't get a whole lot out of my round.テつ And that happens sometimes.テつ Get some bounces here and there and miss a couple putts and shoot over par.テつ But I knew I was playing well.テつ I've been playing well for a good while now.テつ And kind of know within yourself that you got what it takes, and you just gotta kind of forget about the last round and make this round what it's all about.

Q.テつ It's really clicked for a lot of guys on the back 9.テつ The front nine, not quite.テつ There's been varying scores on the front nine.テつ What's been the major difference that you've noticed out there?
HARRIS ENGLISH:テつ The front nine is just harder.テつ A lot of longer irons, a lot more drivers.テつ I mean 4 is probably one of the harder par‑4s, and 7, to me they are really good par holes.
Even No. 6, par‑5, it's a good driver 5‑wood, driver 3‑wood.テつ It's no gimme.テつ And there's some more holes on the back where you can kind of get after it.テつ You got 10's a good hole; 11's short par‑3; 12's a short par‑4, and reachable par‑5 13, drivable par‑4 on 15.テつ So you got some holes where you can really get after it and get some wedges in your hand.

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