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June 22, 2014

Danny Willett


DANNY WILLETT:テつ It was good.テつ If someone said coming into the week, you'll finish third and get into The Open, you'd have probably taken it, but disappointed with today.テつ We didn't play great today.テつ Hung in there really well I thought.テつ Nice consolation prize for not going doing quite as what we thought we could do in The Open, but all in all, a successful week after long week last week, travel here, so it's good.
I had a good chance on 10 and hit a couple of poor iron shots and didn't quite get it.テつ Mikko holed a couple of really good putts for par around 11, 12, 13, 14.テつ I just couldn't quite close the gap too much.テつ Hit some nice shots into 16, but spun back too much off the front and 17 was a long putt.テつ It was a bad golf shot there.
All in all, 11‑under par, not playing the golf course before, just walked on on the Wednesday, getting here late Tuesday night from America, it's a good result moving forward.

Q.テつ Bodes well with all the other big events on the horizon.
DANNY WILLETT:テつ Yeah, a lot of it at the minute for me is managing the back and making sure we're feeling fit and feels like it's getting that way.テつ Hit quite a lot of good shots, threw a couple of silly ones away, but that's golf and it happens.テつ But we're in The Open and so maybe can plan the schedule a bit more for the few weeks which is good.
Played two previous occasions, I remember at Hoylake watching Tiger win a few years ago, and looks like a special place to have an Open Championship.テつ Really, really happy.

Q.テつ Baked hard and fast there, so many crowds, just a wonderful environment.
DANNY WILLETT:テつ The crowds come out in force at the U.S. Open last week and the crowd were fantastic.テつ Everyone is there to see tough, grueling conditions and play some good golf at the same time so looking forward to it.

Q.テつ Love the links golf?
DANNY WILLETT:テつ Yeah, you know, links golf, if you plot your way around‑‑ should be a good couple weeks, Royal Aberdeen, good preparation for it this year and then the Open.

Q.テつ As the top amateur in the game, you must have become so accustomed and accomplished to playing links.
DANNY WILLETT:テつ We played a lot of links golf.テつ It's a little bit different and it's a different test but it's one that I look forward to.

Q.テつ I know this game is stay in the present all the time, but is it one of those that gets the juices flowing and you'll be looking forward to that now?
DANNY WILLETT:テつ Yeah, I mean, definitely.テつ Any major always gets you going a little bit more, and especially that one.テつ To get in early enough now and actually plan properly, you're not getting in late and rush to get stuff sorted.テつ You can get the schedule shorted and be fully fit and get there hopefully to play some good golf.

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