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June 22, 2014

Padraig Harrington


Q.テつ How satisfied are you with your final round?
Pテδ.RAIG HARRINGTON:テつ It was okay.テつ I was badly hampered with an injury, so I did okay.テつ As much as you never know what's going to happen, I really can't complain with the 2‑under par for sure.

Q.テつ And tell us about the injury.
Pテδ.RAIG HARRINGTON:テつ I just woke up a tweak in my shoulder, neck‑‑ back, whatever you want to call it.テつ Only a little bit of an impingement on the backswing, but quite an impingement at impact.テつ So kind of put up with it all day.

Q.テつ Just an overview of the whole week, your assessment of the whole tournament.
Pテδ.RAIG HARRINGTON:テつ I love the venue.テつ I think it's a great venue for a golf tournament, the setting, the type of course it is.テつ There's plenty of birdies to be made out there.テつ I think there's plenty of water.テつ Looks good.テつ We seem to get better weather down here at Cork.テつ Certainly Fota Island seems to get nice weather.テつ Nice practise facilities, hotel on site; what more could you ask for in a venue, airport nearby.テつ I hope it comes back and gets onto a rota that it comes back here regularly.
It's something unique and I hope it comes back to Fota Island.テつ This is a particularly good venue.テつ It really is an exciting golf course and lends itself to hosting a big championship like this.
I'd be all for a title sponsor but I think it's got to be the best value event in the world here.テつ It look goods on TV, crowds turn out, you're getting coverage all around the world, Golf Channel, the States, Asia, South Africa, all around the world.テつ This is value for money, no doubt about it.
There is a number of sponsors.テつ It's not like one sponsor has to come in and take it over but I see flat I can't doing it until they find somebody else.テつ They are sustaining it at the moment and hopefully they feel they are getting good value for money, but ultimately we would hope a sponsor would come in and see something like this and say, wow, I would like to have my name up there.

Q.テつ It helps having it in the States.
Pテδ.RAIG HARRINGTON:テつ I see more European golf when I'm in the States than I do U.S. golf.テつ It's just on all the time.テつ It gets great coverage in the U.S.テつ It gets great coverage around the world.テつ We need an international company who want to sponsor this, and it's an ideal place to bring their clients.テつ Who wouldn't want to bring some clients here and entertain them at an Irish Open?
From that perspective, you do need a title sponsor because once you have a title sponsor in there, a good one, they have to drive value for themselves out of the event and that makes the event better.

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